Friday, December 18, 2009

Birthday & Christmas Lunch

Rylie & I met Kendall & her Mommy Becca for lunch again on Wednesday. Becca's birthday was Thursday so we wanted to take her to lunch for her birthday. Rylie loves going to lunch with her girlfriend! Those 2 just talk to each other & get so excited!

Kendall's always cheesin for a picture!

Our girls were so cute coloring, pointing to Elmo on Kendalls placemat & pointing to colors! Their new thing now tho is shrieking very very loudly to each other! Anybody know how to put a stop to that? lol Becca & I would sure love to put an end to that!

Rylie also brought Kendall a little Christmas present. Kendall gave Rylie one at Chuy's lunch last week (Becca has pictures on her blog) but we didnt have Kendalls ready yet. Rylie got her some pretty sparkly hair holders since Kendalls been very into pigtails lately and a cute Christmas toy!

Happy Birthday Becca & Merry Christmas Kendall! Cant wait to see yall again after the holidays to play with all our new toys! hehe


Becca - said...

Cute pics. Can I just cut & paste your entire post onto my blog?? He he. J/J! But, I will steal the cute pics!

Thanks again for lunch & all the goodies!!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I love that Kendall and Rylie love to lunch already! True girls;)