Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Our little girl is just growing way too fast to keep up with these days!
Here are some new cute "Rylie-isms" (we like to call them)!
Oh & she's just wearing Mommy's glasses for fun! Those arent hers!

* Counts to 5. She loves #5.
* Knows almost all her colors.
* She has to say "bye" to everything she passes! (And I mean everything!) And sometimes likes to add "See ya" afterwards.
* She loves her school now. She gives me kiss & hug & runs off saying "Bye Mommy!" And every time we pass her school she has to point out "My school" or "Rylie school".
* She knows where Chick-fil-A is & as we drive up to any, she points & says "Moo!" (And then of course "Bye bye Moo!")
* She's such a girly girl. She loves having her nails painted, bubble baths, hair blown dried, playing in Mommy's makeup, switching out the shoes she wears 4 or 5 times a day, wearing bows, & playing dressup!
* We think she got her OCD from Mommy. She's very particular about how things are done. She always has to close doors & push in chairs around the house, she's very good about cleaning up after herself, & likes to be clean!
* Her current favorite toys are building blocks, baby dolls, riding "horsy" on everything (and everyone) & pushing things (stroller, shopping cart, etc).
* She still sleeps 12 hours at night & loves her 3 hour naps every day (2 hours when she's at school).
* She likes to take a book to her bed at naptime & look at it as she goes to sleep.
* We are still going to keep her in her crib until she's climbing out of it or turns 3. We personally dont see any reason to rush her into a toddler bed when she enjoys her crib so much & it keeps her safe. She'll probably be the last of her friends to make the switch, but I dont care! lol Her pediatrician recommends we wait as well, so we'll see what this year brings!
* Her best buddy (besides her little friends) is miss Laurie across the street (Jaiden & Maggie's mommy). Every time we step outside (our garage is detached) to go anywhere, she points to miss Laurie's house & says "Laurie! My Laurie!" lol I've been trying to tell her that miss Laurie is not hers but belongs to her friends Jaiden & Maggie. Everywhere we go she asks if miss Laurie will be there!
* She has become so much more outgoing this past month. She hasnt been as shy around other people lately & instead wants to jump, dance, & show off for them!
* She's currently not wanting to eat very much but the previous 2 weeks she ate all the time & grew a whole inch in this past month! So she's just in downtime now & goes through these waves periodically.
* She still loves Bob from Veggie Tales, her lovie, her Kitty & goes back & forth between being Mommy's girl & Daddy's girl!
* And I feel like I need to post one of these updates on her every other day! She's growing so fast right now & learning new things everyday! I'm really looking forward to this coming year with her & seeing what it brings us!!

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Becca - said...

Yay, I love the updates. I started one for Kendall on Monday.......just haven't finished it yet :). These girls are changing way too fast!! I'm so glad Rylie's becoming so social. Kendall really enjoys the chats!!