Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas 2009

On Christmas Eve, we attended the church service we've attended the past 3 years at a church David works at on the side. (Same church Rylie played baby Jesus on her first Christmas!) Rylie did really good sitting & watching the whole program. Then we went to David's mom's house for dinner before heading home. My mom drove up from Waco Christmas Eve also to spend the holiday with us! Rylie set out her cookies & milk for Santa, we read her "Twas the Night Before Christmas" & she went right to sleep!

Christmas morning Rylie was very happy to see Santa had stopped by!

I love this look on her face running to her presents under the tree! She saw "Bob" (Veggie Tales) & got so excited!

After we opened presents at our house with my mom Christmas morning, we headed to Dave's mom's house for presents with them & lunch. Mimi got Rylie a little rocking chair & she loves it!

Rylie & both her Grandmas. Red sweaters were the cool thing to wear Christmas day!

Our family by Mimi's Christmas tree. (We forgot to get a picture by our tree =( oops)

After lunch at Dave's mom's house we cleaned up then headed over to Dave's dad's house. We opened gifts with them & had dinner. Rylie got a new adorable baby stroller & baby doll. She had so much fun pushing this around the house the entire time we were there!

Overall we had an excellent Christmas this year! I dont want to overload yall with pictures of us just opening presents. We decided to keep Christmas light this year anyways. No sense in over-doing Christmas just for the heck of it. I think going light on Christmas this year is what made it so much more relaxing too! It was nice spending time with family & just hanging out. Also Christmas day marked 1 month from the day I had surgery, so I'm now clear to work out again & lift heavy objects (not that I've been able to avoid the 2nd one tho lol)!

I hope you all had a great Christmas too with friends/family! We have plans this week to pack up Christmas, clean & organize the house, and bring in the New Year relaxing at home! One of our New Year's resolutions are to spend more time at home-eating in more, hanging out at home more on the weekends instead of shopping, etc. We're so lucky to have the home we do & we're so thankful for it. So we want to just enjoy it more!

What are yalls New Year's resolutions?

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw Rylie looks so cute in her jammies:) Glad you had a good Christmas!