Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back - 2009

Well, looking back on 2009 I'm glad we had a much better year than 2008! We really did have a great, less "eventful" year (up until this Nov.) and we're looking forward to what 2010 brings us! Here's a recap of some of the major events in our lives this past year.....(not in chronological order)

Birthdays of 2009!

I turned 23 in Jan, David turned 29 in June (uh oh! lol), & Rylie turned 2 in October!
Additionally Rylie had lots of friends' birthday parties this year too!

(Top left: Noah turned 4, Raegan turned 2, cousin Isaac turned 4,
Charlotte turned 2, Kendall turned 2, Jaiden turned 2,
Reese turned 2, AJ turned 2, & twins Masen & Malek turned 4!!)

Rylie did a lot of other growing too!

She started walking in Jan, took swim lessons in March, took Gymnastics in April, attended 3 Kindermusik sessions (Spring, Summer II, Fall), took her 1st plane ride in July, got her 1st haircut in September, & started school in October!

We had a Kitty scare in Feb, but thankfully a miracle happened!!

David & I took an amazing vacation to Orlando for our 2nd anniversary while Rylie stayed with Mimi in May!!

Baby Mania!
I helped host 3 baby showers & we welcomed lots of babies from lots of friends this year!

L-R: Laurie's baby shower in June, Jessika's baby shower in August, Melissa's diaper shower in October

I guess this was the year for girls! These beautiful beauties were born this year to friends of ours.
Top Left: Kate in January, Maggie in July, Cailan 2 days later in July, Carter the following week in July, Skye in October, & Cammie in November. Guess it's also the year for C names for girls! hehe Additionally, we have about 7 friends who announced this year they're expecting! And they're all due in early Spring. It's about half/half on boys & girls. So here comes another baby boom!

I had my first surgery in Nov.

We re-did Rylie's room this Summer.

We got snow in Houston earlier this month!

And overall I think we were so blessed this year. Nothing tragic happened to us & with the economy as bad as it was this year, I consider us extremely lucky David still had his job & I could stay home with Rylie!
I put a fun poll on the top left as well! Please vote! I'm very curious to see the results!
Have a happy 2010!!!


Erin said...

cute post! lots of good things to remember for us to- but lots more to look forward to. Enjoy the new year!

Rachel said...

Happy new year to you and your family! I had no idea you were only 23!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Looks like a great year!

Becca - said...

Cute recap! I've spent 2 days on mine. It might never get finished!! I'm taking a break from blogging now!!