Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Pictures Fiasco

Well, we usually get our family pictures taken the weekend before Thanksgiving & for the past 2 years have gone to Sears for them. It was all Waco had where we lived besides Wal-Mart or expensive professionals. So we again went to Sears last year here in Houston for pictures & had another great session. This year, however, not so good! We had to go late this year since I got sick & finally got them done last weekend, but our pictures were awful. I cancelled the order, got a refund, & we rescheduled with a local place where I got Rylie's 2nd birthday pictures taken.

So we finally got new pictures taken last night! We're much happier with how they turned out! I'm just showing you some previews of Rylie's that we're not using in our Christmas cards.

Rylie was a little difficult to get to post & look at the camera & such but she still did pretty good. We're mostly extremely happy with our family pictures, which I'll post later after Christmas cards have gone out!

On a side note, my followup with the surgeon went well yesterday. She said I'm healing fine & shouldn't need to come back. The first 5 or 6 days were the worst. I could barely move without help from David. I couldnt lift anything until this past week, even though I'm still not supposed to pick up 10 lbs till Christmas. Now I feel I'm almost completely healed. I'm still not allowed to exercise other than walk/run until the end of Dec. But everything else looks good!

Also, miss Rylie Paige said her first 4-5 word sentence yesterday, even though it's not a "correct" sentence. She woke up, pointed to her Christmas tree in her room & said "My light on please! My light on please, Mommy!" lol I was blown away. She's only been on the 2-word sentences lately. My quiet little Rylie is finally speaking! lol


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

They turned out great! Can't wait to see the rest! Yeah for sentences:)

Becca - said...

Cute pics!! I totally forgot about the panda purses. I meant to Kendall some for her little purse collection. Rylie looks super cute with hers! Glad you're happy with the pictures & super glad that the follow up Dr. visit went well!

Rosie said...

First of all, I'm glad your follow up went well & you are healing!
Second, YAY for Rylie saying a longer sentence. I bet it was so cute. As cute as her pics :)

grandma said...

LOVE the pictures of Rylie. She is just so darn cute! Glad you are doing so well, even if you are not doing as the doctor said! Can't wait to see Miss Rylie and have a "conversation" with her. lol