Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Elf on the Shelf

Have yall ever heard of this?

It's the cutest thing! I barely heard about this a month ago from my neighbor Laurie & came across it in a gift shop. It's a cute little story book & Elf set. The story tells about how the Elf will sit around the house & report to Santa every night whether you've been good or bad.

Rylie's gotten into it! She named her Elf "Dina" all on her own! Dina is currently on our mantle. Every night we're supposed to move the Elf to a different spot around the house.

And whenever Rylie does something "un-nice" I tell her "Dina saw you do that & will tell Santa tonight." She's so cute finding Dina & pointing her out! Kinda gives the parents a little something extra to encourage good behavior this time of year!

And oh look! On their website they even have an Elf skirt to make them a girl! Dina will have to have one of these!

Side note-Rylie got sent home sick from school yesterday. She woke up feeling ok, but sounded a tad raspy. She didnt have a fever so I took her to school. She had a great drop-off & practically pushed me out the door saying "Bye bye Mommy!" Then 2 hours later they called me & said she had a fever & was pulling on her ear. Her pediatrician's office was closed so I took her to the Walgreens clinic. They said she's ok, no ear infection, & just give her Tylenol. It's just congestion from something in the air. Pretty much everybody's fighting it right now & she should be ok in a few days! Hopefully before Santa arrives!


The Pifer's said...

Ashley has one of these and the first time I saw it was over there....they are the neatest things ever....I feel in love with it...was quite scared that when 'our time comes' these adorable things won't be around, we we went and bought us's just such a very cute tradition!!!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I have seen it. Perhaps next year Savi will be old enough to enjoy! Maybe they are cheaper to buy right after Christmas...he he!