Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Cards & Family Photos

Here's our family Christmas card this year! (Ignore the bad scan job I did-fingerprints!!)

This was our first year to ever do a photo card. I'm so old-fashioned & just love the traditional open-fold cards, but this year we did these last-minute with getting pictures done late & then getting them redone & such. So I think I'm now a fan of the photo cards! lol

And I just want yall to know-when you send a Christmas card to our house, it doesnt just go in a pile & then trashed after the holiday. Oh no! First I hang them all on display in the living room & then after Christmas they go in a special box & are kept forever! I seriously still have cards I got in high school! I just love Christmas cards!

Also, here's the best ones of the rest of the family portraits we had taken this month!
First, the bad job at Sears...

An ok family picture, but it's so zoomed in. You cant even see her pretty dress. Seriously, this was the best picture!

The 2nd best shot....Rylie's not even looking at the camera & it's the exact same pose we did last year! The lady seriously took 1 picture of us in this pose & then made us switch. And I told her this was our same pose & she ignored me.

These both are good pictures of each of us with Rylie. They're the only ones worth keeping from this whole bunch.

And an ok picture of Rylie just standing there....they never changed the background at all like I'd asked either-just plain white.

So the following week we retook the pictures at Portrait Innovations! We're very very pleased with these!!

A cute family picture...not the best one but I like it & Rylie's expression.

And they let us get a wardrobe change in-another thing Sears wouldn't allow!

And our beautiful family Christmas portrait! And look-you can see Rylie's dress!

Another shot...

And another great one...we seriously had over 60 great shots to choose from here & maybe 15 at Sears!

A cute one of Rylie looking at the ornaments. I love her foot!

Best shot of Rylie! We got a huge print of this of course!

Another awesome photo! David's hand is actually in the Santa glove there. Rylie thought they were real cookies & milk & tried to eat them!

Merry Christmas everybody!!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Looks familiar:) But they turned out SO GOOD! All of them. I love the milk and cookies shot of Rylie;) Your card is very cute also! Merry Christmas!

Malinda said...

My favorite is the one of her with her foot kicked up. How cute. Merry Christmas to y'all!

Becca - said...

These are ALL great pics of ya'll. I don't think the Sears ones are bad at all.....just not as many backgrounds. Ya'll look great in all of them!!!

I hope to post the rest of ours on Xmas day!!

Merry Christmas!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Oh yes I think everybody I know it seems went to Portrait Innovations & we all have the same photos! ha They all look great tho!

Becca-those Sears ones were the ONLY decent ones. I didnt want to post the rest because they're just so awful! Maybe I'll show them to ya sometime! lol

Phyllis (Shelly's Mom!) said...

Ashlee, I enjoyed looking at all your Christmas pictures! They really turned out great! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!