Monday, December 7, 2009

Catching up on Rylie

Sorry we've been MIA on our blog this past week! We've been quite busy catching up on things (yes, still) and our desktop computer has been a pain so I've been avoiding it at all costs (even to upload pictures).

So anyways, here's what Rylie's been up to this past week!
She's become obsessed with her brown coat. She brings it to me & says "coco. scool." lol Guess she likes going to school now! She came home last Tuesday night wearing her coat & did not want to take it off. Oh yes & she has to wear the hat part of it too. At all times. So here she was Tuesday night at dinner, wearing her coat & the hat just as happy as can be!

On Wednesday we returned to Kindermusik. Rylie did a lot of "jingle bells" & they did more with instruments today than usual. Rylie loved the chimes & the xylophone. (I dont even have time to look that up to see if I spelled that correctly! ha)

Jaiden was nice enough to share his towel with Rylie since I still couldn't strain myself pulling her after surgery. Thanks to Jaidens Daddy for pulling them tho!

A quick rare adorable photo of Rylie & her daddy at dinner Wednesday night before we went to Lowe's to buy our Christmas tree! (photos of that coming soon)

Rylie is enjoying school much more now that she's used to it! It just took a little time & we knew that going into it. She still has a little hard time at drop off, but does really great during the day. When I picked her up last Thursday, I saw they had reindeer crafts hanging on the bulletin board outside her classroom. That's a picture of Rylie's. So cute!

And when she saw me walk in, she ran to me & said "Mommy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy?!" haha I gave her a hug & said "Nope, just Mommy. Daddy's on his way home from work." Then they were doing their late snack & Rylie decided she wanted to stay & have some. She ran back to her teacher & got her juice. Look at her drinking from a big-girl cup!

Then she wanted to play more with some blocks!
Finally she was ready to leave with Mommy. Since she'd been such a good girl at school, I brought her Kitty & some cookies to surprise her with!

She was very happy at seeing them both! She even shared her cookies with Kitty!

I'll try to be better this week at blogging more often yall!


~Shelly~ said...

IT WORKED!! GOSH Rylie is looking older! And that 1st pic is so funny! What a hoot~!
Cute pic of her & D too!

Becca - said...

I love the hoodie with the bow hanging out the top! So cute!!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love getting all the updates on Rylie:)