Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blue Booties

We're so excited that 2 special people to our family both found out this week they're expecting baby boys this May!

My sister is due May 2 with another boy. Her son Isaac is now 4.
This was Rylie & her aunt Sarah after Rylie's birthday party in October. Rylie's touching "baby."

And Rylie's Godmother Erin & her husband Eric are due May 8 with their first child, also a boy! This was a picture of us visiting Erin in August (Eric was out of town). We cannot wait to meet this little guy either!

Congrats to both Mommies! We're so excited for yall! Now let the spoiling begin!


Rosie said...

I seriously think this is the "Year of Boys" b/c I don't know anyone having girls at all!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

It's funny-I think boys & girls are alternating in 2010. I've got a friend having a girl in Feb, a friend havin a boy in March, 2 friends having girls in early April, & you're havin a boy in late April & these 2 boys the first of May! Definitely a huge baby boom coming this Spring!!

Erin said...

thanks for including us! we are so excited!