Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back - 2009

Well, looking back on 2009 I'm glad we had a much better year than 2008! We really did have a great, less "eventful" year (up until this Nov.) and we're looking forward to what 2010 brings us! Here's a recap of some of the major events in our lives this past year.....(not in chronological order)

Birthdays of 2009!

I turned 23 in Jan, David turned 29 in June (uh oh! lol), & Rylie turned 2 in October!
Additionally Rylie had lots of friends' birthday parties this year too!

(Top left: Noah turned 4, Raegan turned 2, cousin Isaac turned 4,
Charlotte turned 2, Kendall turned 2, Jaiden turned 2,
Reese turned 2, AJ turned 2, & twins Masen & Malek turned 4!!)

Rylie did a lot of other growing too!

She started walking in Jan, took swim lessons in March, took Gymnastics in April, attended 3 Kindermusik sessions (Spring, Summer II, Fall), took her 1st plane ride in July, got her 1st haircut in September, & started school in October!

We had a Kitty scare in Feb, but thankfully a miracle happened!!

David & I took an amazing vacation to Orlando for our 2nd anniversary while Rylie stayed with Mimi in May!!

Baby Mania!
I helped host 3 baby showers & we welcomed lots of babies from lots of friends this year!

L-R: Laurie's baby shower in June, Jessika's baby shower in August, Melissa's diaper shower in October

I guess this was the year for girls! These beautiful beauties were born this year to friends of ours.
Top Left: Kate in January, Maggie in July, Cailan 2 days later in July, Carter the following week in July, Skye in October, & Cammie in November. Guess it's also the year for C names for girls! hehe Additionally, we have about 7 friends who announced this year they're expecting! And they're all due in early Spring. It's about half/half on boys & girls. So here comes another baby boom!

I had my first surgery in Nov.

We re-did Rylie's room this Summer.

We got snow in Houston earlier this month!

And overall I think we were so blessed this year. Nothing tragic happened to us & with the economy as bad as it was this year, I consider us extremely lucky David still had his job & I could stay home with Rylie!
I put a fun poll on the top left as well! Please vote! I'm very curious to see the results!
Have a happy 2010!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Our little girl is just growing way too fast to keep up with these days!
Here are some new cute "Rylie-isms" (we like to call them)!
Oh & she's just wearing Mommy's glasses for fun! Those arent hers!

* Counts to 5. She loves #5.
* Knows almost all her colors.
* She has to say "bye" to everything she passes! (And I mean everything!) And sometimes likes to add "See ya" afterwards.
* She loves her school now. She gives me kiss & hug & runs off saying "Bye Mommy!" And every time we pass her school she has to point out "My school" or "Rylie school".
* She knows where Chick-fil-A is & as we drive up to any, she points & says "Moo!" (And then of course "Bye bye Moo!")
* She's such a girly girl. She loves having her nails painted, bubble baths, hair blown dried, playing in Mommy's makeup, switching out the shoes she wears 4 or 5 times a day, wearing bows, & playing dressup!
* We think she got her OCD from Mommy. She's very particular about how things are done. She always has to close doors & push in chairs around the house, she's very good about cleaning up after herself, & likes to be clean!
* Her current favorite toys are building blocks, baby dolls, riding "horsy" on everything (and everyone) & pushing things (stroller, shopping cart, etc).
* She still sleeps 12 hours at night & loves her 3 hour naps every day (2 hours when she's at school).
* She likes to take a book to her bed at naptime & look at it as she goes to sleep.
* We are still going to keep her in her crib until she's climbing out of it or turns 3. We personally dont see any reason to rush her into a toddler bed when she enjoys her crib so much & it keeps her safe. She'll probably be the last of her friends to make the switch, but I dont care! lol Her pediatrician recommends we wait as well, so we'll see what this year brings!
* Her best buddy (besides her little friends) is miss Laurie across the street (Jaiden & Maggie's mommy). Every time we step outside (our garage is detached) to go anywhere, she points to miss Laurie's house & says "Laurie! My Laurie!" lol I've been trying to tell her that miss Laurie is not hers but belongs to her friends Jaiden & Maggie. Everywhere we go she asks if miss Laurie will be there!
* She has become so much more outgoing this past month. She hasnt been as shy around other people lately & instead wants to jump, dance, & show off for them!
* She's currently not wanting to eat very much but the previous 2 weeks she ate all the time & grew a whole inch in this past month! So she's just in downtime now & goes through these waves periodically.
* She still loves Bob from Veggie Tales, her lovie, her Kitty & goes back & forth between being Mommy's girl & Daddy's girl!
* And I feel like I need to post one of these updates on her every other day! She's growing so fast right now & learning new things everyday! I'm really looking forward to this coming year with her & seeing what it brings us!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Bubble Ba"

So Rylie's seriously not had a bubble bath since her first one back in April!
Then she got some bubble bath stuff for Christmas & was mesmerized by the bottle it came in & wanted to carry it around Christmas night. I told her those were bubbles, but only for bath time. Later that evening, she remembered I'd said that & when we told her it was time for bath she asked "Bubbles?"

So of course we said "Sure!" And every night since Christmas she has asked for "Bubble ba?" when we told her it's time for bed!

She got this mermaid Barbie yesterday too that she can play with in the tub.
She was so cute-she kept getting bubbles on her hands & arms & wanted to rinse it off!

Her & her little Barbie! So adorable!

She kept getting bubbles on Barbie & saying "Uh oh!" and rinsing Barbie off too!

Then she just wanted to play!

And she got her rubber ducky out too!

This little girl had such a fun bath! I think the bubbles will have to be a regular thing now!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas 2009

On Christmas Eve, we attended the church service we've attended the past 3 years at a church David works at on the side. (Same church Rylie played baby Jesus on her first Christmas!) Rylie did really good sitting & watching the whole program. Then we went to David's mom's house for dinner before heading home. My mom drove up from Waco Christmas Eve also to spend the holiday with us! Rylie set out her cookies & milk for Santa, we read her "Twas the Night Before Christmas" & she went right to sleep!

Christmas morning Rylie was very happy to see Santa had stopped by!

I love this look on her face running to her presents under the tree! She saw "Bob" (Veggie Tales) & got so excited!

After we opened presents at our house with my mom Christmas morning, we headed to Dave's mom's house for presents with them & lunch. Mimi got Rylie a little rocking chair & she loves it!

Rylie & both her Grandmas. Red sweaters were the cool thing to wear Christmas day!

Our family by Mimi's Christmas tree. (We forgot to get a picture by our tree =( oops)

After lunch at Dave's mom's house we cleaned up then headed over to Dave's dad's house. We opened gifts with them & had dinner. Rylie got a new adorable baby stroller & baby doll. She had so much fun pushing this around the house the entire time we were there!

Overall we had an excellent Christmas this year! I dont want to overload yall with pictures of us just opening presents. We decided to keep Christmas light this year anyways. No sense in over-doing Christmas just for the heck of it. I think going light on Christmas this year is what made it so much more relaxing too! It was nice spending time with family & just hanging out. Also Christmas day marked 1 month from the day I had surgery, so I'm now clear to work out again & lift heavy objects (not that I've been able to avoid the 2nd one tho lol)!

I hope you all had a great Christmas too with friends/family! We have plans this week to pack up Christmas, clean & organize the house, and bring in the New Year relaxing at home! One of our New Year's resolutions are to spend more time at home-eating in more, hanging out at home more on the weekends instead of shopping, etc. We're so lucky to have the home we do & we're so thankful for it. So we want to just enjoy it more!

What are yalls New Year's resolutions?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Cards & Family Photos

Here's our family Christmas card this year! (Ignore the bad scan job I did-fingerprints!!)

This was our first year to ever do a photo card. I'm so old-fashioned & just love the traditional open-fold cards, but this year we did these last-minute with getting pictures done late & then getting them redone & such. So I think I'm now a fan of the photo cards! lol

And I just want yall to know-when you send a Christmas card to our house, it doesnt just go in a pile & then trashed after the holiday. Oh no! First I hang them all on display in the living room & then after Christmas they go in a special box & are kept forever! I seriously still have cards I got in high school! I just love Christmas cards!

Also, here's the best ones of the rest of the family portraits we had taken this month!
First, the bad job at Sears...

An ok family picture, but it's so zoomed in. You cant even see her pretty dress. Seriously, this was the best picture!

The 2nd best shot....Rylie's not even looking at the camera & it's the exact same pose we did last year! The lady seriously took 1 picture of us in this pose & then made us switch. And I told her this was our same pose & she ignored me.

These both are good pictures of each of us with Rylie. They're the only ones worth keeping from this whole bunch.

And an ok picture of Rylie just standing there....they never changed the background at all like I'd asked either-just plain white.

So the following week we retook the pictures at Portrait Innovations! We're very very pleased with these!!

A cute family picture...not the best one but I like it & Rylie's expression.

And they let us get a wardrobe change in-another thing Sears wouldn't allow!

And our beautiful family Christmas portrait! And look-you can see Rylie's dress!

Another shot...

And another great one...we seriously had over 60 great shots to choose from here & maybe 15 at Sears!

A cute one of Rylie looking at the ornaments. I love her foot!

Best shot of Rylie! We got a huge print of this of course!

Another awesome photo! David's hand is actually in the Santa glove there. Rylie thought they were real cookies & milk & tried to eat them!

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Elf on the Shelf

Have yall ever heard of this?

It's the cutest thing! I barely heard about this a month ago from my neighbor Laurie & came across it in a gift shop. It's a cute little story book & Elf set. The story tells about how the Elf will sit around the house & report to Santa every night whether you've been good or bad.

Rylie's gotten into it! She named her Elf "Dina" all on her own! Dina is currently on our mantle. Every night we're supposed to move the Elf to a different spot around the house.

And whenever Rylie does something "un-nice" I tell her "Dina saw you do that & will tell Santa tonight." She's so cute finding Dina & pointing her out! Kinda gives the parents a little something extra to encourage good behavior this time of year!

And oh look! On their website they even have an Elf skirt to make them a girl! Dina will have to have one of these!

Side note-Rylie got sent home sick from school yesterday. She woke up feeling ok, but sounded a tad raspy. She didnt have a fever so I took her to school. She had a great drop-off & practically pushed me out the door saying "Bye bye Mommy!" Then 2 hours later they called me & said she had a fever & was pulling on her ear. Her pediatrician's office was closed so I took her to the Walgreens clinic. They said she's ok, no ear infection, & just give her Tylenol. It's just congestion from something in the air. Pretty much everybody's fighting it right now & she should be ok in a few days! Hopefully before Santa arrives!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Waco Weekend Continued...

On Sunday we got to hang out with some friends before heading back to Houston. We met our friend Shelly for lunch at Panera, and sadly her daughter Kinley couldn't join us because she's got bronchitis!

Then us girls did a little shopping in the outdoor mall there. It was great seeing ya Shelly & we hope Kinley gets better soon! We missed seeing her!

Later that night we met our friends Vince, Mary, & Malia for dinner. Now here's some good news & bad news.....the good news is Vince got a great new job that's a wonderful opportunity for him & his family. The bad news it they're moving away. =( This was most likely our last chance to meet up with them in Waco.

I think Rylie's mad in this picture that she wont get to play with Malia for at least a long time!

But we're very happy for you guys & wish yall the best of luck on your new chapter in life! We're gonna miss yall but hopefully we can visit yall sometime or vice versa!

After dinner we made the drive back home to Houston. We had a great weekend in Waco & now we're ready for the holidays here!

PS Thanks for the input on the pumpkins! I guess I outta just suck it up & toss them....I just hate wasting things. Oh well! They're just pumpkins! hehe