Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sick Little Pookie

Rylie ended up spending the night with Mommy & poor David had to sleep in the guest bedroom. I think this made Rylie feel 50% better just being by Mommy. She slept really good, but still had a fever when she woke up this morning so we're going to her docter at 2pm.

She has happy to get some bananas for breakfast! She even got to eat breakfast in bed!

And snuggling with Kitty after eating.

She's just been laying in bed with Mommy watching "Price is Right." She gets a little restless & I can tell she wants so badly to just go play with her toys, but mostly she just feels like laying next to me. Hopefully we'll find out this afternoon what's going on & get her better soon! I'll post an update after we visit the dr.


~Shelly~ said...

We are right there with u in the sick department. Feel better soon Rylie Roo!

grandma said...

Hope Rylie is okay! She sure looks pitiful! Hope mommy and daddy survive this!

Becca - said...

Poor Little baby girl!! Thanks for all the text msg updates!! We've been praying for Miss Rylie Roo!!! Kendall sends big hugs & kisses!!