Friday, November 13, 2009

Rylie's Dr Follow-up

Well Rylie's fever finally broke about 10 Wednesday night. It was so great to kiss her sweet cheek & not burn my lips! lol Just kidding about the burning my lips part! She started to get wired & wanted to play with all her toys, but we told her it was bed time & she quickly settled in (and had to sleep with her ball of course!) She stayed with Mommy again (poor David! lol) and good thing because she was up twice sobbing hysterically. Not sure what was wrong, but she just wanted to sit there & cry!

So yesterday morning we went back to the dr for a follow-up. They drew her blood again, which she loved by the way lemme tell ya! Her white count is much lower than Wednesday, but still kinda high. Her left ear is looking a little red now (it looked perfect Wednesday) so we're gonna nip that infection in the bud & already started on antibiotics. We didnt get the urine results back yet, but if she did have a urinary tract infection, these antibiotics would also help heal that. Basically once she's fever-free for 24 hours, she's in the clear. She's not considered contagious, but we're still keeping distance until next week.

Rylie's been playing almost as much as normal yesterday & today but still seems a little tired. She took an excellent long nap for Mommy today & yesterday. We did finally get urine test results back today & everything was clear! We're so relieved this has not been something worse & she's healing so quickly!

Thank you all so much for your sweet messages!