Monday, November 30, 2009

A Rylie Update

Rylie had a followup doctor appointment this morning from her crazy fever she had 2 weeks ago & to make sure the antibiotics for her red ear worked. Everything came out great! She's all clear they said. She had gotten sick this past Saturday night as well-just woke up from her nap crying & then threw up a few times. But as soon as we got some meds called in by her doctor, she went to sleep & was just fine-never needed the meds. She's shown no other symptoms & hasnt been sick again, so looks like she didnt have a virus afterall. It must've been just something she ate or gotten all worked up that made her sick.
Anyways, we decided to go ahead & get her the swine flu vaccine, so we're going in Friday morning to get that. We just cant take any chances right now of her getting that of all things right now after everything we've been through lately.

Here's some things Rylie's been up to lately as well:
-Counting to 3 strongly...sometimes adding four, we're working on it!
-Knows the colors red, blue, orange...working on pink & yellow
-Starting 2 word sentences. She's really improved in just the past week on vocabulary.
-She's obsessed with her polka dot lovie blanket thing!! Poor Kitty has taken a backseat to this thing. She woke up the other morning & it wasnt in her bed & she started crying saying "lovie!! lovie!!" We brought her one of the lovies she has but it wasnt the polka dot one, so she got mad & kept crying. The second we gave her the polka dot one, she smiled so big & said in a happy tone "LOVIE!!!" It was the cutest thing.
-She only watches Veggie Tales. She always requests "Bob" & will even hand me the remote & say "Bob peeze!"
-She learned the word "my" from school. All of a sudden one day she came home & requested "my Bob" for Veggie Tales.
-She climbs in & out of her carseat & has started buckling herself in. She hates when we do it for her, so unless we're in a hurry we try to let her do it herself.
-She still tries to dress herself, but still can only put her socks & shoes on herself. She loves wearing shoes!
-Her favorite candy is M&M's & she calls them "N-M-M's!"
-She's a Mommy's girl lately & wants me to hold her a lot more often than she used to!
-She's very shy around people she doesnt know, especially since going to school. She gets very clingy to Mommy & Daddy & is afraid we're going to leave her.
-She tosses her dishes in the sink when she's done. We've just gotta make sure there's no glass ones in there already! ha

I cant think of the rest right now, but that's the jist of our little girl right now!


Becca - said...

Love the update. I really need to do an update for Kendall too! They change SO fast!!

I'm glad she's feeling better!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw so cute and growing so fast:)