Friday, November 27, 2009

A Quick Catch-up

Ok here's what we were up to 2 weeks ago after Rylie got better & before I got sick!
(Yall may not care, but I wanted to remember this stuff, so here goes)

After Rylie started feeling better 2 weeks ago on Friday, she spent that Saturday & Sunday at Mimi's house while David & I started Christmas shopping! We went to the Houston-famous Christmas Nutcracker Market on Saturday & then hit up the Galleria on Sunday! It was nice to get started in the Christmas spirit!

 Last Monday (Nov. 16) Rylie visited a Kindermusik class to make up for one of the ones she had missed. Then she got home & found her stash of stickers & kinda went to town on them! lol

On Tuesday (Nov. 17), Rylie had a rough day at school. She hadnt been in awhile since she had been sick the previous week, so she was pretty upset. When I picked her up, she was just so sad looking sitting on the ground on the playground, just holding her blanket. =(

On Wednesday (Nov.18) I took Rylie to her school to get her school portraits taken for Christmas. I just gave her some M&M's & she sat right down, said "cheese!" & we were done! Then she had her usual Kindermusik class.

On Thursday night I made Rylie this cute turkey shirt I got the idea from my friend Ally  & on Friday (Nov. 19) Rylie wore it to her school's Thanksgiving party at lunchtime. She had a better day at school on Thursday & did ok at her party Friday. She never cried, thankfully either day!

Playing with her favorite toys at school after her party Friday!

Then after her party, we headed to the Woodlands mall to get Rylie another haircut (her 2nd). We joined along with Jaiden, his sister Maggie, & miss Laurie!

Rylie & Jaiden at a lunch date! And Rylie did sooo awesome at her 2nd haircut! She never cried once! BIG improvement from her first haircut!

Then last Saturday, Rylie worked a new hairstyle! She wore some low piggy tails for the 1st time to show off her new bangs! And yes, she's wearing this monkey shirt again, but since Mommy had cleaned it she insisted on wearing it again & we're at the point of "if it doesnt hurt anybody, there's nothing wrong with it" & try to avoid picking fights when they're not necessary. Anybody else with a 2 yr old feel this way sometimes? lol

And Saturday evening our friends Sean, Marissa, & baby Cailan came over for dinner! Rylie had so much fun seeing baby Cailan & I cant believe how much she's grown! It was so great visiting with them!

Then late Saturday night is when I got very sick. Poor David-everybody thought at first it was the dinner he'd made that night, but it wasnt! Early Sunday morning, his mom came to get Rylie while I went into the ER. Rylie stayed with Mimi until I got out of the hospital Thanksgiving morning & that was the first time I'd seen her since dinner Saturday. Now we're all home & trying to get back into the swing of things! We've started setting up for Christmas, although I'm still very sore, I'm getting around a lot better.
Just thought I'd post all this to keep yall entertained for the time being! haha
Thanks again everybody who stuck by us this past week while I was sick-whether through thoughts, prayers, calls, emails, or texts-we really appreciate everyone of yall!

Oh & I'm totally bummed I missed black Friday shopping this morning!  I've always gotten out there & had saved all my shopping to do today. Any of yall brave the crowds this morning? Any good deals?


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I need to make Savi some of those applique shirts! Her haircut turned out super cute!

Becca - said...

I'm so glad to see that you're feeling up to blogging, decorating, etc.

Kendall totally hasn't worn any of her cute fall clothes......hmmm, maybe we should return it!! Rylie looks adorable in her monkey shirt!

We did ALL of our shopping online today. We were able to match the sale prices with free shipping. So, totally not worth getting up at 4AM for the sales. It was great since we are all not feeling so hot!

Thanks for the update!!!