Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Happy 'ween!"

At least that's what Rylie was saying yesterday- "Happy 'ween!"

Hope everybody had a fun & safe Halloween! Rylie sure did!
On Friday, I took her to the Halloween party at her school. She had just woken from a nap & wasn't too happy when we got there. She thought I was leaving her again!

But she finally warmed up & enjoyed herself a little.

And she showed Mommy her favorite toys to play with in her classroom!

She said she wants to ask Santa for some of these!

Then Friday night we went to a little Halloween party. I made these cute cupcakes to take.

I didnt get any other pictures though because I was busy socializing! ha

Saturday morning (Halloween) I made Rylie a special festive breakfast!

She loved eating those chocolate chips off her pumpkin-shaped pancake, that's for sure! (Oh & the eggs arent messed up. I was trying to dye them & they're kinda neon green?! Oh well!)

Rylie & Mommy wore our first "mother-daughter" matching shirts!
We were supposed to carve pumpkins today since last weekend didnt happen & this week's been so crazy! But lemme tell ya-that didnt happen Saturday either! So we've still got 3 full pumpkins that will hopefully last long enough to make homemade pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! haha

After Rylie's nap, she got to put her costume on & we took her out at 6pm with some of our neighbors' kiddos!

Aint she just the cutest lil purple witch!!
We walked down to Kendall's street & Kendall was so sweet & kept giving Rylie candy in her basket! lol

Then they did some trick or treatin together!
Kendall had it down good! At first she was putting her candy in Rylie's basket, but soon realized her candy was for her to keep & Rylie was getting her own! Then Rylie wanted to give Kendall her candy! It was so cute! Finally Rylie warmed up to everybody & was picking out her own candy from the bowls & saying "Thank you. Bye bye!" to everybody. She kept wanting to eat the candy right away though! Once we finished with Kendall's neighbors, we came back home to hand out candy with our neighbors.

Jaiden stopped by to show us his costume!

And Rylie got to hold her friend Maggie for the 1st time! She just loves her new little baby friends! She was so sweet & held her arms out as if she knew exactly how to hold this sweet baby! Such a little Mommy we have!

Happy Halloween everybody! Now the holiday season really has begun! Yay!


~Shelly~ said...

She looked so cute! I like the costume!

Rosie said...

Little kids in costumes are so funny. They look like little grownups! lol. So cute.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Super cute costume! I love the matching shirts also...where did you get them?

Becca - said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun Halloween. Thanks for trick-or-treating with us!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Thanks everybody! Brittany-our matching shirts actually came from Target last year! lol I bought Rylie's on clearance after Halloween last year!

grandma said...

Love the "purple little witch"! Glad Rylie had a good Halloween. Cute matching shirts too! Where is David's matching shirt! haha