Monday, November 30, 2009

A Rylie Update

Rylie had a followup doctor appointment this morning from her crazy fever she had 2 weeks ago & to make sure the antibiotics for her red ear worked. Everything came out great! She's all clear they said. She had gotten sick this past Saturday night as well-just woke up from her nap crying & then threw up a few times. But as soon as we got some meds called in by her doctor, she went to sleep & was just fine-never needed the meds. She's shown no other symptoms & hasnt been sick again, so looks like she didnt have a virus afterall. It must've been just something she ate or gotten all worked up that made her sick.
Anyways, we decided to go ahead & get her the swine flu vaccine, so we're going in Friday morning to get that. We just cant take any chances right now of her getting that of all things right now after everything we've been through lately.

Here's some things Rylie's been up to lately as well:
-Counting to 3 strongly...sometimes adding four, we're working on it!
-Knows the colors red, blue, orange...working on pink & yellow
-Starting 2 word sentences. She's really improved in just the past week on vocabulary.
-She's obsessed with her polka dot lovie blanket thing!! Poor Kitty has taken a backseat to this thing. She woke up the other morning & it wasnt in her bed & she started crying saying "lovie!! lovie!!" We brought her one of the lovies she has but it wasnt the polka dot one, so she got mad & kept crying. The second we gave her the polka dot one, she smiled so big & said in a happy tone "LOVIE!!!" It was the cutest thing.
-She only watches Veggie Tales. She always requests "Bob" & will even hand me the remote & say "Bob peeze!"
-She learned the word "my" from school. All of a sudden one day she came home & requested "my Bob" for Veggie Tales.
-She climbs in & out of her carseat & has started buckling herself in. She hates when we do it for her, so unless we're in a hurry we try to let her do it herself.
-She still tries to dress herself, but still can only put her socks & shoes on herself. She loves wearing shoes!
-Her favorite candy is M&M's & she calls them "N-M-M's!"
-She's a Mommy's girl lately & wants me to hold her a lot more often than she used to!
-She's very shy around people she doesnt know, especially since going to school. She gets very clingy to Mommy & Daddy & is afraid we're going to leave her.
-She tosses her dishes in the sink when she's done. We've just gotta make sure there's no glass ones in there already! ha

I cant think of the rest right now, but that's the jist of our little girl right now!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

She Missed Her Mommy!

This sweet little girl has not left my side since I came home from the hospital! Every time I get up to leave the room, even to just get a cup of water, she's all concerned & saying "Mommy! Mommy!" She's so afraid I'm going somewhere & not coming back. She's always gotta be in my lap or right next to me. Sweet baby girl! I cant say I dont feel the same about her & not wanna leave her side either! (And I know I look a mess in this picture, but I'm still recovering)

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Quick Catch-up

Ok here's what we were up to 2 weeks ago after Rylie got better & before I got sick!
(Yall may not care, but I wanted to remember this stuff, so here goes)

After Rylie started feeling better 2 weeks ago on Friday, she spent that Saturday & Sunday at Mimi's house while David & I started Christmas shopping! We went to the Houston-famous Christmas Nutcracker Market on Saturday & then hit up the Galleria on Sunday! It was nice to get started in the Christmas spirit!

 Last Monday (Nov. 16) Rylie visited a Kindermusik class to make up for one of the ones she had missed. Then she got home & found her stash of stickers & kinda went to town on them! lol

On Tuesday (Nov. 17), Rylie had a rough day at school. She hadnt been in awhile since she had been sick the previous week, so she was pretty upset. When I picked her up, she was just so sad looking sitting on the ground on the playground, just holding her blanket. =(

On Wednesday (Nov.18) I took Rylie to her school to get her school portraits taken for Christmas. I just gave her some M&M's & she sat right down, said "cheese!" & we were done! Then she had her usual Kindermusik class.

On Thursday night I made Rylie this cute turkey shirt I got the idea from my friend Ally  & on Friday (Nov. 19) Rylie wore it to her school's Thanksgiving party at lunchtime. She had a better day at school on Thursday & did ok at her party Friday. She never cried, thankfully either day!

Playing with her favorite toys at school after her party Friday!

Then after her party, we headed to the Woodlands mall to get Rylie another haircut (her 2nd). We joined along with Jaiden, his sister Maggie, & miss Laurie!

Rylie & Jaiden at a lunch date! And Rylie did sooo awesome at her 2nd haircut! She never cried once! BIG improvement from her first haircut!

Then last Saturday, Rylie worked a new hairstyle! She wore some low piggy tails for the 1st time to show off her new bangs! And yes, she's wearing this monkey shirt again, but since Mommy had cleaned it she insisted on wearing it again & we're at the point of "if it doesnt hurt anybody, there's nothing wrong with it" & try to avoid picking fights when they're not necessary. Anybody else with a 2 yr old feel this way sometimes? lol

And Saturday evening our friends Sean, Marissa, & baby Cailan came over for dinner! Rylie had so much fun seeing baby Cailan & I cant believe how much she's grown! It was so great visiting with them!

Then late Saturday night is when I got very sick. Poor David-everybody thought at first it was the dinner he'd made that night, but it wasnt! Early Sunday morning, his mom came to get Rylie while I went into the ER. Rylie stayed with Mimi until I got out of the hospital Thanksgiving morning & that was the first time I'd seen her since dinner Saturday. Now we're all home & trying to get back into the swing of things! We've started setting up for Christmas, although I'm still very sore, I'm getting around a lot better.
Just thought I'd post all this to keep yall entertained for the time being! haha
Thanks again everybody who stuck by us this past week while I was sick-whether through thoughts, prayers, calls, emails, or texts-we really appreciate everyone of yall!

Oh & I'm totally bummed I missed black Friday shopping this morning!  I've always gotten out there & had saved all my shopping to do today. Any of yall brave the crowds this morning? Any good deals?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving!

Today I'm most thankful on this Thanksgiving Day for being able to come home this morning & see my family & spend this holiday with them!

Almost immediately after I posted a blog update yesterday, they called me in early for surgery at 11:20am. I was so happy to get in early! They told me if I felt ok afterwards, since we were going in earlier, I could possibly go home last night. I wasnt getting my hopes up though! So I went back to prep for surgery for about an hour & then the next thing I remember was being back in my room afterwards. I had a roommate though that made it very difficult to relax (wont go into details, but visitors who met her know what I mean) so thankfully my nurse moved me to a room by myself! I had never been so grateful!!! I was still out of it for quite a few hours though & didnt even want to go home last night because I was in so much pain. But I did end up sleeping pretty good last night. Then I woke up this morning to my dr telling me he was sending me home! Yay! It took awhile to get the paperwork done, so I had to still watch the parade from my hospital bed, but all I could think about was seeing my little Rylie again!
It's been pretty rough getting around so far. I'm very very sore in my abdomen. Thankfully I only had a laproscopy surgery & wasnt fully gutted! I'm getting better by the minute though so hopefully by next week I'll be able to drive Rylie to school. I still cant lift anything over 10 lbs for the next month tho (so until Christmas day) which will be pretty difficult but I think David & I have figured it all out.
I promise I have cute pictures from Rylie last week that I'll post soon! I know all this wording without pictures gets pretty boring.
Lemme just thank you all once again for praying for us, calling, emailing, thinking of us, visiting, sending flowers, etc. We really appreciate it! I feel so special to know so many sweet people! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pretty sick

Sorry I've been absent from the blog longer than expected. If you've been visiting our blog & seen my Twitter updates on the right, you've known I've been very sick. It started Sat night when I couldnt keep anything down-not even water for about 11 hours. I came to the non-hospital ER Sunday morning & they immediately put me on an IV for a few hours. I got better & they were about to send me home when they checked my blood pressure & it was extremely low. Then I got a fever & my heart rate went up. The dr's were very baffled & kept trying to raise my BP. Nothing worked, so they called the hospital & determined I was septic (something they call someone who has a sepsis infection-a bad blood infection you can search it on webmd) so they took me by ambulance to the local hospital ER & then up to ICU. I was hooked up to all kinds of machines. They also did a CT scan & ultrasound of my abdomen. I improved on Monday & late that night was moved to a regular room, taken off all the machines except IV, & was told I could go home the next day. Well Tuesday came & the dr said since I've been responding so well to the meds in my IV I should stay another day for safety. Then the dr got my CT & scan results & found gallstones. Soooo he told me yesterday I'd have to have surgery now. I just spoke with my surgeon & it's scheduled as of right now for 2pm today. They're doing a laproscopy surgery, so the recovery time is fairly quickly & surgery should only take about an hour. They're still thinking I can go home on Thanksgiving Day. I sure hope so! I miss my Rylie so very much!!!! I havent seen her since Sat night. She's been doing great at Mimi's though & David's been working half-days to come see me. I couldnt have visitors in ICU but now I can. David took off all day today to be with me. Please pray everything goes well & I can get home to spend Thanksgiving with my family! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Taking a break

Things are pretty crazy right now so I'm taking a small break from blogging until next week. I might keep updating my Twitter (which shows up on the right to the public-no sign up required) if anybody cares to read that.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rylie's Dr Follow-up

Well Rylie's fever finally broke about 10 Wednesday night. It was so great to kiss her sweet cheek & not burn my lips! lol Just kidding about the burning my lips part! She started to get wired & wanted to play with all her toys, but we told her it was bed time & she quickly settled in (and had to sleep with her ball of course!) She stayed with Mommy again (poor David! lol) and good thing because she was up twice sobbing hysterically. Not sure what was wrong, but she just wanted to sit there & cry!

So yesterday morning we went back to the dr for a follow-up. They drew her blood again, which she loved by the way lemme tell ya! Her white count is much lower than Wednesday, but still kinda high. Her left ear is looking a little red now (it looked perfect Wednesday) so we're gonna nip that infection in the bud & already started on antibiotics. We didnt get the urine results back yet, but if she did have a urinary tract infection, these antibiotics would also help heal that. Basically once she's fever-free for 24 hours, she's in the clear. She's not considered contagious, but we're still keeping distance until next week.

Rylie's been playing almost as much as normal yesterday & today but still seems a little tired. She took an excellent long nap for Mommy today & yesterday. We did finally get urine test results back today & everything was clear! We're so relieved this has not been something worse & she's healing so quickly!

Thank you all so much for your sweet messages!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sick Update

It's been quite a day! Rylie stayed in bed all morning, not wanting to do anything. I took her temp at noon & it was 102.7! Her doctor's appointment was at 2pm so we hung out until then.

When we finally got there, her temp was 104.2!! Poor Rylie wouldn't move or speak. Just sat there snuggled against me. They tested her for flu & strep first-both negative. Then they took some blood. While waiting for those results they said they wanted to get some urine. Since she's not potty-trained & we couldn't get her to pee on request, they put a bag on her to catch it. She still wasn't going & she wouldn't drink any water either. So unfortunately they had to do a catheter. That was such torture for a Mommy to watch! I just cried for her as she screamed in pain. ='( The results came back for blood test & they said she didnt have hand-foot-mouth disease either (a possibility because 2 of her friends recently had it). We wont really get full urine test results for a few days, but they arent thinking it'll bring back anything.

Since everything was coming up negative, they sent us to the hospital to get a chest x-ray on her to check for pneumonia. Her doctor said sometimes little ones can have a small dose of it & not ever know it because there's not a cough. So after 3 hours in her doctor's office, we headed straight to the hospital. We got in & out pretty quick & finally headed home at 6pm.

We passed a little gift shop on the way out of the hospital & just had to get her this balloon!

When we finally got home, I gave Rylie a bath & got her in pajamas. Then she actually started talking a little. I made her chicken soup, applesauce & crackers but she only ate the later 2. We got her test results back on the x-ray & pneumonia was negative as well. We have to go back to her doctor in the morning to check her blood again & see if the white count is down. Basically we still dont know what she's got or if she's contagious & we're just giving her Tylenol/Motrin for the fever. Hopefully she'll be well in a few days! Thanks everyone for the sweet thoughts!

Sick Little Pookie

Rylie ended up spending the night with Mommy & poor David had to sleep in the guest bedroom. I think this made Rylie feel 50% better just being by Mommy. She slept really good, but still had a fever when she woke up this morning so we're going to her docter at 2pm.

She has happy to get some bananas for breakfast! She even got to eat breakfast in bed!

And snuggling with Kitty after eating.

She's just been laying in bed with Mommy watching "Price is Right." She gets a little restless & I can tell she wants so badly to just go play with her toys, but mostly she just feels like laying next to me. Hopefully we'll find out this afternoon what's going on & get her better soon! I'll post an update after we visit the dr.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's Wrong Little Pookie?

Last night Rylie got us up 3 times during the night. She just sat in bed crying for Mommy. Once I picked her up, she was fine. Then this morning she went to school & had her normal "tramatic" drop-off. When I checked on her a few hours later, she was on the playground & I snapped this quick picture.

She's in the middle on the dinasour thing between her teacher & another little girl. She was playing semi-ok....till that teacher said "wave to Mommy!" (sigh) Nice one, lady!
They said she did ok the rest of the day...just usual for what she's been the past 3 weeks now she's been in this school. David was actually able to pick her up with me at 5 & she seemed fine. We thought since she had a rough day we'd take her out to a little dinner & get dessert as a treat. Well, she didnt like any of it. When we got home she'd gotten herself all worked up & felt very hot. Her temp was 101. So we gave her a bath & some Motrin. An hour later she fell asleep on her little sofa watching Veggie Tales.

I hope she doesnt have any kind of virus. I dont really know what this could be though. She has no other symptoms....just wants Mommy (nobody else..poor David!) and has felt warm on & off the past day. Perhaps those last 2 molars coming in? Perhaps stress & getting worked up over school? Perhaps it is a viral infection of some kind? Well we're going to stay home from Kindermusik tomorrow & I'm just going to watch her for now. I really wish with all my might she could just tell me what's wrong...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Date & Fundraiser

Saturday, David & I had a date night! Rylie stayed at Mimi's house & had a great time.
David & I went to a late lunch at Chuy's, then saw an early movie "Couples Retreat" which we loved!!!
Then we attended a Cancer fundraiser hosted by a friend of ours called "Put A Cork In Cancer."

Our friends Christine with her husband Jay & ABC 13's Sharron Melton.
David's a huge fan of hers as well.

Our friend Sonia (also with ABC 13) and us! She's the hostess of the event as well. It was a wine-tasting fundraiser with silent auctions & live music. Good times!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Make-up Lunch

Thursday's school drop-off went better for Rylie. She walked in holding my hand like a big girl & only got upset when I said goodbye. She was fine during the day, but when I picked her up she was on the playground upset again. We're making slow progress! While she was in school, I ran errands & had lunch with some friends (and a few of Rylie's little friends). I felt like I was cheating on Rylie! lol
So Friday, Rylie & I went out to lunch to make up for her missing out on Thursday.

So excited about going to lunch!

Showing off her new purse Kendall gave her for her birthday that her Mommy Becca also made!

Rylie's friend Kendall & her Mommy joined us too!

I love this pic. Becca had asked Kendall where I was to get her to look at the camera & she pointed very excitedly at me. So cute!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Good Apple in Kindermusik

Rylie is such a "good apple"! She really is such a good girl!
Here's some cute pictures of Kindermusik yesterday!

She loves jumping, especially when she's excited!

She listens to her Kindermusik teacher very well.
(She was rubbing her ears, something they do when they're about to listen to something)

She brings Mommy things...

...and puts them away when she's done

She's just so sweet!

I love her so much!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kitty Makes Her Day

Rylie had a rough drop-off at school this morning. She apparently now recognizes the building from the parking lot & refused to get out of the car. I had to carry her in kicking & screaming. (sigh)
I drove back by 2 hours later after running a few errands (like buying stamps ha!) and saw her playing all happy on the playground. When I picked her up, I decided to bring Kitty with me. I knew she'd be so happy to see him! When I pulled up, she was on a different playground, just crying her eyes out! I asked her teacher what was wrong & they said there was a childrens author visiting today that read them a story & Rylie didnt like the new person or the change of scenery in a big room filled with all the classes. =( Poor thing! But as soon as she saw her Kitty....boy was she a different girl! She smiled & just started talking to her teachers!

Her Kitty just made her day today!

And dont you just love how her teachers put her headband on her? heeeeheeee! Cracks me up!

When we got home we saw Jaiden outside playing across the street, so Rylie joined him.
They were jumping. Look at the height Rylie got!

Jaiden was getting more height jumping off this mulch pile! lol Oh they're so cute together!

On a side note, Rylie learned to drink from a big-girl cup yesterday all by herself! Her school does those little dixie cups for the kids-no sippys and Rylie kept spilling hers last week resulting in 2 changes of clothes! So we practiced at lunch yesterday & she got it down! That's 1 change from starting school we've tackled! Let's hope there's more to soon follow!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rylie's Birthday/Fall Portraits

Here are some of the best portraits we were able to get the week before her birthday. We decided while we were there to get some cute Autumn ones too! If you remember on my previous post the day the portraits were taken, we didnt get too many because miss priss didnt want her pictures taken that day. But I think these few we did get are pretty great!

The only great full shot of her butterfly outfit. (Mommy made her tutu)

The best portrait in the whole pack!

I love this one. She looks so tiny & innocent!

The 2nd best one in the pack!

Click here to see her 1st birthday portraits & how much she's grown this year!

PS-I promise yall I have thank-you cards already written & ready to mail out, but I havent made it to the post office to buy stamps yet! I'm sorry! I'm always such a stickler for getting them out within 2 weeks & I feel just awful I've gone past that for most of you. I'm mailing them this week!