Friday, October 23, 2009

This Week's Catch-Up

I'm finally feeling so much better, so I figured I'd catch yall up on our lives this week after Rylie's birthday.

On Tuesday, I was feeling so crummy so I opened all of Rylie's new birthday toys from their packages & she was very entertained by them all morning!

She also wore her new shirt Kendall gave her that her mommy Becca made!

Rylie got a new pink shake-n-go car & she loves it!

She also pushed around her new baby doll in the stroller that came with it! Such a cute little Mommy!

Her new Elmo she bought herself on her birthday. It's the regular "tickle me Elmo" & she thinks every Elmo talks when you put its hand on its mouth the way her first Elmo (hugs & kisses Elmo) does!

Loving on her new Daisy Chef doll!

Oh gosh these little building blocks kept her busy for an hour! Notice she's wearing her new brown boots Mommy & Daddy got her? She loves putting shoes on!

And of course some of her new heels in the set we got her as well! Now hopefully she'll leave Mommy's shoes alone! lol

On Wednesday, we stayed home from Kindermusik & Rylie's friend Kate dropped by to give Rylie her birthday present. She was sick on Saturday so she couldn't attend Rylie's party. I kept away & took pictures of them together.

Rylie giving Kate her favor bag

Rylie opening her present-it was a cute little bathtime doll!
Thanks for stopping by Kate!

And Thursday we just stayed home & did nothing but play with more toys! That's about the jist of it. We're so glad Mommy's feeling better & we're able to go out again!


Becca - said...

Yay!! I'm so glad that Rylie likes her shirt. It looks super cute on her too. Glad you're feeling better!!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Looks like she got some great stuff! Savi is getting into Elmo right now!