Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sauna, Kindermusik, & Kitchen Table

This has been what our Wednesday has been all about today!
This morning, Rylie & I went on a walk with our neighbors like we've been doing for a few weeks now. We stepped outside at 9am & a wave of hot, thick air hit us right away. It was seriously like a sauna! I took a picture of our big window on the front of our house...

Steamy! Ugh it was miserable so needless to say we didnt walk for very long! Our clothes were sticking to us & mosquitos were out bad!

So then Rylie & I headed to Kindermusik, stopping first at Kendall's house because Kendall had a special present for Rylie for "back-to-school" since she's starting in a few weeks. But you'll have to come back later for all about this present! ;-)

Then at Kindermusik, Rylie had some fun twirling some batons!

(Yep, Halloween shirt with shorts-welcome to Texas!)

I didnt get to take any other pictures because I kept chasing after her! lol She was very wound up after seeing her friend Kendall!

Then we rushed home because the delivery guys were bringing us our new kitchen table!!!
Here's the before table...

And the after!!!

We LOVE it so much!!
It actually can either be a round table or square & has 4 little pieces that fold down on each side!
Here's the square look on it.

We're so excited we finally got a new table that goes more with our kitchen!
Thank you garage sale $$! haha


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love the table and yes last night was a sticky mess outside!

Becca - said...

Love the table!!......& all the new pics of Rylie!!