Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rylie's Birthday!!!!

Monday, Rylie's actual birthday (I posted just a little bit on that day), David & I again woke her up by singing "Happy Birthday!" just like we did last year!

She was excited & knew this was her day!

Sugars from Daddy before breakfast!

Sugars from Kitty too!

I felt bad because we had planned all along to take Rylie to Shipley's & get donuts for breakfast on her birthday & then take her to the Houston Zoo, & then a place called Crave cupcakes for a special treat. But Mommy still felt awful =( After looking up my symptoms on WebMD, I was convinced I had the flu. So we decided to take me to the little clinic in Walgreens to get tested before we went anywhere! So we went there first & thankfully I tested negative for both flu & H1N1 as well as for strep throat. The nurse there said I just had a little virus & there was nothing they could do. I could just take OTC's for whatever ailment I had at the time (headache, cough, congestion, etc) & I should drink lots of fluids & get some rest & I'd be fine in a few days! So we left there to our backup birthday celebration for Rylie! We thought since we couldn't do the zoo, we'd try Old McDonald's Farm since Rylie just loves seeing animals! But oh my gosh it was field-trip-frenzy there! Rows of school buses & huge groups of kids everywhere! I'd never seen that place so crowded! Soooo that was out as well. =(

So we headed on to Toys R Us, another yearly birthday tradition we've done the past 2 years now. Rylie got some birthday $$ at her party so she wanted to pick out a few things with it.

Rylie thinks she's big enough to drive now that she's 2!
(No we weren't "Britney Spears-ing" our daughter! We were sitting in the parking lot while I took some more medicine.)

Rylie immediately went up to the display of Elmo's!

"Yep, I think I'll take this 1 right here"

And she held it up to me saying "Elmo! Peeeze!" lol

Then she wanted to play on some ride-on toys!

Then we left the toy store & David decided to take Rylie to the pet store by Toys R Us. It was the least we could do since the Zoo and the petting farm were both out!

Rylie loves seeing the kitties especially! David said she kept saying "meow" throughout the store!

And she looked so cute walking back out to the car with this little pink frisbie & a pink balloon they gave her! And as you can see by her sucking her thumb, she was very tired by this point! So we came back home so her & Mommy could take naps.

After that, I was feeling better-no more body aches as least.

We took Rylie to a little playground in our community & she had the time of her life! She played so hard & loved having Daddy there to play with her. Mommy kept her germs off the children's toys & just took pictures!

Since she's "so big" now, she wanted to go on the bigger slide today!

I think this smile sums up the fun she had here!

After the playground, we took Rylie to dinner at TGIFriday's! After eating, they brought her a little sundae & sang her "Happy Birthday!"

It was a sweet ending to my girl's special day!
Click here to see the video of her Happy Birthday song at dinner

I"m so sorry Rylie that this day didnt go as planned, but I hope Mommy & Daddy did a good job making her day special anyways!

Rylie on her new couch from Mommy & Daddy (and it folds out into a little sleeper bed too!)


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I tell are one of my fav blogs to read! I just can't get enough of Rylie:) To cute:) I am sure she had a great bday!!! I hope you are feeling better:)

Becca - said...

Love the couch!! Now it's time for slumber parties!!