Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rylie's 2nd Birthday Party!

Yall's wait is over! I've finally gotten Rylie's birthday party pictures from Saturday uploaded! Her party was awesome! Thanks again to everyone who helped out & everyone who made it! Rylie is such a lucky girl to have so many people love her!

Her cute invitation that Mommy made to match her butterfly theme!

Ok here's a million pictures now! (Yall know yall love it when I post a lot! hehe)

Dining room table displaying her best portraits, invitation, & the cake/cupcakes

Cake & cupcakes closeup-both made by myself. Cupcake toppers also made by me to match her cute theme!

The favor bags! They had little tags that said "Happy 2nd Birthday, Rylie! Thanks for coming!"

The backyard party zone
We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!

Rylie helping Daddy get the popcorn machine going

 I love this picture! Some of the younger kiddos in the big bouncer
(Charlotte, Rylie, Cady, Jaiden)

And here's some of the guests!
(I'm sorry I took hundreds of pictures & still managed to miss a few of Rylie's friends =( I'm sorry yall!)

Rylie with Deedee & her Grand-Daddy | Rylie with her Mimi, Poppy Craig, & Uncle Daniel

Rylie & Charlotte | Emmery & her Mom

Rylie with Noah & Kai | Rylie's cousin Isaac

Jaiden saying hi to little Kate | Rylie saying hi to baby Maggie

Kendall giving Rylie a hug!

"Happy Birthday to Rylie!"

After cake was served, the party was still going strong, so we kept the kiddos playing some more! After they were exhausted & Rylie's friends headed home, we put her down for a nap.
Well, she really didnt want to nap! She was still wired after an hour in her room, so we thought we'd let her open her presents!

She wasnt too into that either! She wanted to go bounce outside some more & didnt understand why her friends weren't there. lol So we finally convinced her to open half her gifts & then she was ready to just play! Mommy opened the others & showed them to her & she then wanted to play with them! I'm thinking next year she'll be more excited about this whole "birthday-present-opening" thing!

Thanks again everybody! Rylie had a great 2nd birthday party!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love the cake and cupcakes! So glad it turned out great! I hope you are feeling better:)

Rachel said...

What a cute party! Happy birthday little Rylie :)