Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rylie's 2 Year Checkup & More Mon Stuff

I took Rylie to her well check yesterday & to get her flu shot. It went pretty hard for miss priss.

Waiting outside instead of in the waiting room filled with sick kids. It was raining, but we were under a covering.

Mommy bribed her with M&M's to keep her next to me & out of the door's way.

She didnt like it when we got inside & her M&M's were gone!

So her stats are...
weight-26 lbs (50 percentile)
height-33 1/2 in (50 percentile)

She's just perfect!!
She also got her Hep shot & flu shot. Both of which were just awful for her! She was supposed to get a Hib shot too but they were out so we have to return in Nov for that & the 2nd flu shot. =( Other than that she's very healthy! We opted not to get the swine flu nasal spray. It's just our personal decision on that.

So after David got home from work him & I were talking & could hear Rylie playing in the living room next to our room. I could hear her saying "Bob" because Veggie Tales were on. Then she came running into the bedroom & said "Coco!" and was chewing on something. I followed her back into the living room & saw this....

The little booger was eating the Candy Corn Hershey Kisses! She has known that those are only for after dinner & had been really good about staying out of them...until last night! So needless to say they've been put out of reach now!

And.....looky what David surprised me with last night!!!

(Excuse my no-makeup look)
Finally got my electric mixer!! I'm so excited!! I've only had a hand-held mixer & it'd been getting tiring making all those cakes/cupcakes for things lately. I love this one, except I'm switching it for the black one to match our appliances. Thanks so much honey for this early Christmas present!! You're the best!


Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

Yay to the new mixer. YOu're gonna love it!!

I can't believe Kendall weighs less that Rylie at their 2 year appts. That doesn't seem right. I guess Kendall's chubby cheeks are deceiving us all!! Ha!

M&M's are my new best friend. I can usually hold Kendall off with just one or two! But, I keep them in m purse, at all times!! He He!

Sorry Rylie had a rough day!! But, glad she got her flu shot!!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Oh look Rylie and Savi have the exact same face down when getting shots! yeah on the new mixer....those are nice!

Ashlee's mom said...

Sorry the shots were so rough for miss priss! But if it keeps her from getting sick, then its worth it. Nice mixer! You'll be volunteering to bake everything now! David, i believe you created a monster with the mixer!