Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not So Smooth Today

Rylie's 2nd day of school today wasn't as smooth as her first on Tuesday! This is quite a long story & really just for me to remember these little moments, so feel free to not read this!
Anyways, we were running a little late this morning, so we rushed on up there. They were finishing an art project so I tried to get Rylie to sit at the table & participate with putting Halloween stickers on the paper. She just clung to my leg & wouldn't even walk in! I went to hang her bag on the wall & she started crying. =( I tried to sit next to her at the table & she just climbed in my lap. She wanted nothing to do with the stickers! (gasp!) Finally I had to just hand her over to her teacher, Miss Bonnie. Then I stood outside her door & watched her for a moment (she cant see me on the other side). They did the morning snack & she didnt want any of it. I went home & came back an hour later to check on her. I looked through the door window in her room at all the kids sitting at the tables & was like "where's Rylie?!" Then I saw her off to the side, laying on the floor using her balled up blanket as a pillow, facing the wall & just sucking her thumb. =( It was the saddest thing ever! She was just laying so still. I've never seen her like that before! I knocked on the door & 1 of her teachers came out & said she pretty much cried all morning, didnt eat any of her morning snack & finally calmed down with her blanket & just wanted to chill on the floor. They were about to do lunch so they told her to come sit at the table & she started crying again. I felt so bad & just wanted to rush in there, hug her & make it all better. But I knew that would just make it worse for her when I left again. She finally sat at the table & stopped crying, but she wouldn't touch her lunch. I told them she's a very picky eater & so they got her some crackers & cheese. Finally she ate! I left again & called a few hours later to check in. They said it took her about 20 min to fall asleep at nap, but she finally did after they rubbed her back for awhile. I went to pick her up at 5 & David was actually able to meet me up there. So he finally got to see her classroom & meet her teachers. We watched her from the door for a little bit & she just sat at a table, holding her elephant lovey we bought especially for school naps & just watched everybody. She seemed a little more upbeat than she was this morning. When we walked in, she looked at us & took a minute to realize it really was her Mommy & Daddy! She said "Dadda!" and then ran to me, crying! She wouldn't let Daddy hold her! lol Poor girl was so tired & her eyes were really red. I hate that this is such a hard transition for her right now, but I know it's still for the best that she go to this school.
Sorry no pictures today! Tomorrow's Rylie's school Halloween party so you know me-there'll be lots of pictures from that! =)


~Shelly~ said...

Hang in there! Its a tough road but all parents who's kids are in daycare do it. U are def not alone. Before u know it, she will be SO EXCITED to go to school!!

Rosie said...

Hi Ashlee, I just got your comment that you went to school w/Cody at VM. Very small world. My hubby is from here as well but didn't come till H.S. so you probably don't know him. I work out here in VM and just can't seem to understand why your family would want to leave this wonderful small down((sarcasm)). p.s. Your little girl is so cute!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw...I bet that was SO hard! Lucky that you can go up to the school and check on her atleast:) I hope it was better the next time!