Friday, October 23, 2009

Miss October's 2 Year Updates

Rylie doesnt have her 2 year checkup at the Dr until Mon, but here's some other updates on what she's been doing!

*Walking up the stairs all by herself-no more holding the wall or railing. Thanks to cousin Isaac whom she watched doing this over her birthday weekend! She loves copying bigger kids & trying to do what they do!
*Talking so much more! Everybody commented this past weekend on how her vocabulary has improved!
*She loves putting shoes on! As soon as I set her on her dresser in the morning to change her diaper & get her dressed, she immediately grabs at her shoes & tries to put them on! I have to hide them from her! lol
*Talking on the phone is her favorite past time these days.
*She can count to 3. Three is her favorite number & she never has interest in going past it. She can also almost hold up her fingers as she's counting (1 finger for 1...ya get the point).
*When people ask how old she is, she tells them 2 & holds up 2 fingers.
*Sits in a booster seat at the table now-no more highchair unless we're out to eat where she needs to be strapped down!
*She has 2 of her 2-year-old molars in & the others are on their way! She's been chewing on her fingers a lot lately!
*She still sucks her thumb when she's tired & we were going to start weening her after her 2nd birthday, but we've honestly been instructed to just let her stop at her own will (unless of course she starts to have health problems from it) but for now she's just fine because she's doing it only when she needs something from it (comfort, security, to go to sleep). The Dr's say to leave it be right now.
*She's a Mommy's girl right now! She wants Mommy to hold her a lot lately. She even cries & fights Daddy at night when it's time for him to take her to bed. =( Poor David!
*Her favorite thing to do still is climb up in Mommy & Daddy's bed & tuck herself in & just chill! She's always saying "Momma! Bed! Night night!" lol
*She was starting to try to climb out of her old crib & was pretty close at succeeding, but since we've gotten her new crib she cant anymore. It's lower & much harder for her to get out of, so we're keeping it in the crib form until she can climb out by herself. Dr recommends until age 3 she stay in there & we're perfectly fine with that!
*Still learning about going potty on the big-girl potty. We had no plans on "rushing" her when we bought it awhile back, just wanted to introduce it. We have plans to start on it a lot more after the holiday craziness is over in January. Although it really is up to her when she decides she's ready (as long as it's before age 3! haha) We dont want to push it because she'll only fight it & in the end it'll just take her longer to get it.

Anyways, I think that's about it! I'll have height/weight info on Monday after her Dr appt & flu shots! She still is starting school part-time (Tue & Thur) next Tue, Oct 27!! Wish us luck on that! (Well, Mommy probably needs it more than Rylie lol)


Becca - said...

LOVE the tutu!!! Super cute!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw Miss October is GORGEOUS! Love hearing what she is up to:)