Saturday, October 3, 2009

Melissa's Diaper Shower

Yesterday me & a few other Kindermusik moms hosted a lunch diaper shower for our friend Melissa. Her little girl Reese has been friends with our kiddos the past year & she's now expecting another girl, Camryn next month!

Rylie was excited to go to the baby shower & kept saying "Baby" all morning!

The expecting parents!

I was in charge of making cupcakes & toppers for the shower & they turned out sooo yummy & pretty! (if I do say so myself hehe)

All the hostesses got a gift together for big sister Reese!

It's a little baby doll buggy loaded with all kids of "big sister" treats! She was so cute pushing it around the restaurant after lunch!

Doesnt miss Maggie look ready to party?!!

Rylie was sitting by her bff Kendall!

And this little girl sure enjoyed herself a chocolate cupcake!

All the hostesses with Melissa & our kiddos!

L-R: Rylie (crying..), Me, Becca (Kendall had just run off), Reese (Savannah's cousin), Savannah, Andi (Savannah's mom), Melissa, Reese (big sister-to-be), Laurie & Maggie was in her stroller next to Laurie!

Thanks so much ladies for helping throw this together for Melissa! We cant wait to meet baby Camryn!

On a side note, my sister got another ultrasound done yesterday & they discovered a 2nd sack, but they couldnt find a heartbeat in it. So she went back to her original Dr & had another utlrasound & turns out she was supposed to be having twins, but 1 baby didnt fully develop in the 2nd sack, so it's just fluid in there now & they said it should dissolve on it's own, but the 1st sack is still fine & healthy! She finds out in 11 weeks whether it's boy or girl!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

You did a great job on the cupcakes! And I totally just bought that pink restaurant eater thing (lol) for Savi today. Do you like it?

Twins is crazy, but I am sad the other didn't develop:) But glad baby is healthy!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Thanks Brittany! Yes, we love that pink placemat for Rylie! We just bought 2 more so we're always stocked with a clean one ready to go! haha