Saturday, October 3, 2009

Holiday Season Has Begun!

Since October started a few days ago, we're now in "holiday season mode!" We consider Halloween part of the "holiday season" since this is the time of year we love the most & starting to get ready for Christmas! Rylie started wearing her Halloween outfits today while running errands with Mommy & Daddy!

Her shirt says "Boo-tiful!"

We ran out to Garden Ridge, which is a place I love to go shop for Christmas things! We found a tree we love, but we're going to try to brave it on Black Friday to get a really good price on it! We have always had a real tree previously, but I think a fake one would be nice for a little while! Do yall ever brave the crowds on Black Friday to save money?

Also, can you believe Rylie's 2nd birthday party is 2 weeks from today?! Oh my!


The Pifer's said...

I love her outfit and yes I def. brave the crowds to save money! It's a tradition of ours :)

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love the shirt. Savi has one that says To Cute To Spook:) Def brave the crowds! SO worth it! I got some great deals last yr!

~Shelly~ said...

HECK YES I love black friday! I will even go by myself if no one will go with me! I love it-makes Christmas even better :)