Monday, October 19, 2009


Today our sweet girl is TWO YEARS OLD!!! I cant believe how fast the time has gone! All morning David & I have been telling Rylie "this time 2 years ago we were waiting in the hospital to push....and this time we were pushing....and this time you were born....and this time we were in recovery...." It's crazy how that was already TWO YEARS ago!!
I'm sorry you'll all have to keep waiting for Rylie's birthday party pictures & pictures from today. Mommy's been sick yesterday & today so I'm getting some rest. I'll update all of Rylie's birthday bliss as soon as I'm feeling better! Until now, here's a sweet (the best) picture from Rylie's portraits last week in her birthday party dress!

Thanks again everybody for all the sweet birthday wishes for our girl!

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Becca - said...

Happy Birthday, Rylie!! I hope ya'll are having a great day!!

I've been checking the blog, OFTEN, looking for updates. Sorry you're not feeling well.

The picture is super cute!! Love it!
Happy Birthday!!