Friday, October 30, 2009


A few things I forgot to mention previously.....

*Rylie's birthday cake-yes I decided last minute not to go the fondant route. I got a great buttercream recipe from my neighbor Laurie (whose parents used to have a cake-baking business) & it worked great! I'm so glad I went this route! It was easy to get the smooth look on it & yet it tasted wonderful!

*Rylie's 2 yr updates-I forgot to mention she's now 2 years old & still has not had any ear aches/infections. ::knock on wood:: She has also not had any bad diaper rashes. I dont know if this is pretty normal, but I feel like it's a good thing we've missed these things so far! She's also really gotten into Veggie Tales! She got a few of the videos for her birthday & loves Bob! lol She's also somewhat into Elmo. I think it's just something easily recognizable to her right now.

*Sadly, little MaKenzie Butler passed away at her home last Saturday morning. My mom called me Sunday & told me about it, & I had just been so swamped I completely forgot to mention it before. Her funeral was Tuesday. Click here to read her obituary. So sad...but she did last longer than they expected & that gave them a chance to take her to Disneyworld before she was gone. I really feel for this family...

Just a few things I wanted to add for my sake mostly! Rylie also had her school Halloween party today & we then attended a Halloween game night party at a friends' house. I'll have to post about those with pictures later!

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Rosie said...

I can't remember if I responded back to you or not but Cody remembered you when I asked him. And yes I know Josh & everyone. He graduated w/my hubby. It's hard not to know everyone in this small town :)