Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Early Birthday Present

Last night, Rylie's neighbor friend Carter stopped by to give Rylie her birthday present. She wont be able to make it to her party on Saturday, so it was sweet of them to drop by last night to wish Rylie a Happy Birthday!

Rylie hasnt opened a gift since last Christmas (yeah, almost a year ago!) so I wondered if she remembered how to do it...

Yep she remembered! lol

She had to hand Mommy every little piece she tore off too!
It took her quite awhile to open this 1 present.

Finally done! It's a little pink medical kit!
She doesnt look it in this picture, but she loves her gift!

We opened it immediately & started playing "Dr"

Checking Mommy's stats. (We played more today too & she wanted to wear this "blood pressure band" all morning!)

Love, Rylie


Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

Yay!! The Birthday party week begins!!! We're so excited about Rylie's party. We've already told Kendall that she CAN NOT open Rylie's gifts for her! Ha! She's so excited about Rylie's Party!!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw what a fun gift! Future Dr:)