Friday, October 16, 2009

Baby Jaylie's Funeral

Today is baby Jaylie's funeral. I am not able to make it because it's outside of Waco & tomorrow is Rylie's birthday party at our house. I've been praying for Jiliane's family all morning though, crying as I'm baking Rylie's birthday cake. I'm so heartbroken that today they have to say goodbye to their precious 2 month old daughter-whose life was cut so short. The autopsy has come back & they have ruled this a case of SIDS. This is the most horrifying nightmare I could ever imagine! Please pray for baby Jaylie's family, especially today! Jaylie's Mommy Jiliane is not doing well, as you can imagine! Please pray for her strength to get her through this! Click here to see baby Jaylie's obituary.
Be sure to thank God for all the blessings in your life! They are truly a gift & could be gone any second!

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Sandy said...

THis is so brother and sis-in-law lost a 4 mo old nearly 2 years ago...ruled was so very takes time