Friday, October 30, 2009


A few things I forgot to mention previously.....

*Rylie's birthday cake-yes I decided last minute not to go the fondant route. I got a great buttercream recipe from my neighbor Laurie (whose parents used to have a cake-baking business) & it worked great! I'm so glad I went this route! It was easy to get the smooth look on it & yet it tasted wonderful!

*Rylie's 2 yr updates-I forgot to mention she's now 2 years old & still has not had any ear aches/infections. ::knock on wood:: She has also not had any bad diaper rashes. I dont know if this is pretty normal, but I feel like it's a good thing we've missed these things so far! She's also really gotten into Veggie Tales! She got a few of the videos for her birthday & loves Bob! lol She's also somewhat into Elmo. I think it's just something easily recognizable to her right now.

*Sadly, little MaKenzie Butler passed away at her home last Saturday morning. My mom called me Sunday & told me about it, & I had just been so swamped I completely forgot to mention it before. Her funeral was Tuesday. Click here to read her obituary. So sad...but she did last longer than they expected & that gave them a chance to take her to Disneyworld before she was gone. I really feel for this family...

Just a few things I wanted to add for my sake mostly! Rylie also had her school Halloween party today & we then attended a Halloween game night party at a friends' house. I'll have to post about those with pictures later!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not So Smooth Today

Rylie's 2nd day of school today wasn't as smooth as her first on Tuesday! This is quite a long story & really just for me to remember these little moments, so feel free to not read this!
Anyways, we were running a little late this morning, so we rushed on up there. They were finishing an art project so I tried to get Rylie to sit at the table & participate with putting Halloween stickers on the paper. She just clung to my leg & wouldn't even walk in! I went to hang her bag on the wall & she started crying. =( I tried to sit next to her at the table & she just climbed in my lap. She wanted nothing to do with the stickers! (gasp!) Finally I had to just hand her over to her teacher, Miss Bonnie. Then I stood outside her door & watched her for a moment (she cant see me on the other side). They did the morning snack & she didnt want any of it. I went home & came back an hour later to check on her. I looked through the door window in her room at all the kids sitting at the tables & was like "where's Rylie?!" Then I saw her off to the side, laying on the floor using her balled up blanket as a pillow, facing the wall & just sucking her thumb. =( It was the saddest thing ever! She was just laying so still. I've never seen her like that before! I knocked on the door & 1 of her teachers came out & said she pretty much cried all morning, didnt eat any of her morning snack & finally calmed down with her blanket & just wanted to chill on the floor. They were about to do lunch so they told her to come sit at the table & she started crying again. I felt so bad & just wanted to rush in there, hug her & make it all better. But I knew that would just make it worse for her when I left again. She finally sat at the table & stopped crying, but she wouldn't touch her lunch. I told them she's a very picky eater & so they got her some crackers & cheese. Finally she ate! I left again & called a few hours later to check in. They said it took her about 20 min to fall asleep at nap, but she finally did after they rubbed her back for awhile. I went to pick her up at 5 & David was actually able to meet me up there. So he finally got to see her classroom & meet her teachers. We watched her from the door for a little bit & she just sat at a table, holding her elephant lovey we bought especially for school naps & just watched everybody. She seemed a little more upbeat than she was this morning. When we walked in, she looked at us & took a minute to realize it really was her Mommy & Daddy! She said "Dadda!" and then ran to me, crying! She wouldn't let Daddy hold her! lol Poor girl was so tired & her eyes were really red. I hate that this is such a hard transition for her right now, but I know it's still for the best that she go to this school.
Sorry no pictures today! Tomorrow's Rylie's school Halloween party so you know me-there'll be lots of pictures from that! =)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Fun at Kindermusik

Today's Kindermusik had a cute Halloween flair to it! The kiddos wore cute Halloween outfits & costumes! Rylie handed out her cookies at the end too! Here's some cute pictures & be sure to turn your speakers up to hear the music with it from the player on the right! =)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rylie's 1st Day.....

So I did really good & only called the school once to check on Rylie. I just wanted to make sure lunch went ok & that she was napping. They said she ate ok & slept really good at naptime!
While she was at school, I wasn't just home watching soaps! I got so much done! Probably would've taken me a week to do all I did today on a normal basis. I feel less stressed having gotten a chunk of my to-do list accomplished! Additionally, I made these cute pumpkin cookies for Rylie's Kindermusik class tomorrow!

Then I went to pick Rylie up a little after 4pm. I pulled up & she was playing on the playground outside, having so much fun! I snuck into the building so she wouldn't see me & waited for them to come inside. Then I watched her play in her classroom for awhile. She was just having so much fun! We ended up not leaving until almost 5! So now that I know what their schedule is, I've decided to change ours up & Rylie will now go to school Tu/Thu 8:30am-5pm! I'm so glad she's enjoying it so far!

She got to have a pumpkin cookie when she got home as a little treat for her 1st day!
She looks a mess because she played hard at school! And they didnt fix her hair after nap. lol

Yum cookie!


Rylie's 1st Day of School

Today my little Rylie started school! She'll be attending the local Primrose school on Tuesday & Thursdays now. She'll be going from about 9am-4pm, although I can drop her off earlier & pick her up later if I ever need to. This just seems like a good schedule for us right now. She was so excited when she woke up this morning & couldn't stop laughing! She kept saying "cool!" lol

When we first moved into this house over a year ago, I pictured myself taking all of Rylie's first-day-of-school pictures here by this banister. Then I can compare them as the years come & go. I cant believe I actually took my first one of her this morning!

And her new backpack all loaded up! We got her a new little elephant just for school naps so none of her current, nicer, more loved toys at home dont get messed up at school. Her backpack was too heavy for her to wear this morning! lol

And she did great when we arrived at school! She just walked right into the group & sat at the table & joined in the coloring activity! She even kissed me & waved bye with no problems! Mommy was the one sad about leaving! lol I stayed outside the door for a litle while & watched to see how she would do without me. She was being shy & quiet & just kinda watched the other kids. She didnt want to eat her morning snack, a chocolate chip muffin, which really surprised me! I'm really worried about lunch today because we dont pack their lunches. The school provides them & today is ham sandwiches. Rylie hates ham! So I'm hoping she'll still eat something. I'm pretty sure she wont nap there today, but it'll just take time. The school's already called me this morning to tell me she's doing great & participating well. So hopefully we're off to a smooth start!
I'm so excited this Friday they're having a Halloween party & even though she's Tu/Thu she can still go! The kids are gonna wear their costumes & I signed up to bring cupcakes! I've always wanted to be one of "those" moms who brings treats for the school party! hehe

Rylie's 2 Year Checkup & More Mon Stuff

I took Rylie to her well check yesterday & to get her flu shot. It went pretty hard for miss priss.

Waiting outside instead of in the waiting room filled with sick kids. It was raining, but we were under a covering.

Mommy bribed her with M&M's to keep her next to me & out of the door's way.

She didnt like it when we got inside & her M&M's were gone!

So her stats are...
weight-26 lbs (50 percentile)
height-33 1/2 in (50 percentile)

She's just perfect!!
She also got her Hep shot & flu shot. Both of which were just awful for her! She was supposed to get a Hib shot too but they were out so we have to return in Nov for that & the 2nd flu shot. =( Other than that she's very healthy! We opted not to get the swine flu nasal spray. It's just our personal decision on that.

So after David got home from work him & I were talking & could hear Rylie playing in the living room next to our room. I could hear her saying "Bob" because Veggie Tales were on. Then she came running into the bedroom & said "Coco!" and was chewing on something. I followed her back into the living room & saw this....

The little booger was eating the Candy Corn Hershey Kisses! She has known that those are only for after dinner & had been really good about staying out of them...until last night! So needless to say they've been put out of reach now!

And.....looky what David surprised me with last night!!!

(Excuse my no-makeup look)
Finally got my electric mixer!! I'm so excited!! I've only had a hand-held mixer & it'd been getting tiring making all those cakes/cupcakes for things lately. I love this one, except I'm switching it for the black one to match our appliances. Thanks so much honey for this early Christmas present!! You're the best!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rylie's Waco Birthday Party

Saturday, we drove up to Waco to meet with some friends & family to celebrate Rylie's birthday. We had a little gathering at a local park/playground there. We were supposed to have this little gazebo right by the playground, but when we arrived there wasnt power for Rylie's little bouncer, so we were moved to the huge pavilion off to the side. The bouncer was all the kiddos needed tho! They had so much fun!

Rylie & Kinley | Malia & Rylie

Rylie's Grandpa | Rylie's aunt Sarah helping set up the table

Rylie's cousin Isaac

I think she enjoyed the cookie cake!

Isaac couldn't resist helping Rylie open her gifts!

We also gave Kinley her birthday present since she turned 2 just 3 days before Rylie! We couldn't make it to her party in Waco because it was the same day as Rylie's party at our house. Rylie gave Kinley a travel Aquadoodle & a cute shirt with matching bow!

So cute! Kinley waving bye to Rylie!

Malia with Mom & her favor bag

Thank you all so much for making it to celebrate Rylie turning 2! We were very excited to see all of you & Rylie especially had fun with all of her friends! Her week of birthday is finally over now! lol Time to get ready for Halloween!

More Pumpkin Patch Pictures

I finally finished editing all the great ones, so here's more pictures from the pumpkin patch visit last Friday! Rylie's friends Kendall & Owen joined us, so here's some cute pictures of them together!

A cute one of Kendall for her Mommy!

Owen & Rylie sitting in the wagon

Uh oh! Owen dropped his pumpkin!

And Rylie sure pointed that out! lol

Kendall was so cute & pulled them in the wagon

And they actually got pretty far! Kendall surprised us with her strength!

Nothing makes a pumpkin patch visit more fun than seeing friends there!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009!

Friday morning, Rylie & I met some of her friends at a local pumpkin patch! I tried so hard to take her early this year, but I couldnt find any patches near us that started before last weekend! Then we've had rain during the week, so today was our only chance! I think I got some pretty good pictures-better than last year!

Her little pumpkin she picked out & we ended up taking home with us!

Kendall was excited to see her friend, Rylie! So sweet!

Happy Fall!

"Ok Mommy, let's take my pumpkin home!"

Stay tuned for pumpkin-carving pictures! We're gonna take our first shot at it Sunday!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Miss October's 2 Year Updates

Rylie doesnt have her 2 year checkup at the Dr until Mon, but here's some other updates on what she's been doing!

*Walking up the stairs all by herself-no more holding the wall or railing. Thanks to cousin Isaac whom she watched doing this over her birthday weekend! She loves copying bigger kids & trying to do what they do!
*Talking so much more! Everybody commented this past weekend on how her vocabulary has improved!
*She loves putting shoes on! As soon as I set her on her dresser in the morning to change her diaper & get her dressed, she immediately grabs at her shoes & tries to put them on! I have to hide them from her! lol
*Talking on the phone is her favorite past time these days.
*She can count to 3. Three is her favorite number & she never has interest in going past it. She can also almost hold up her fingers as she's counting (1 finger for 1...ya get the point).
*When people ask how old she is, she tells them 2 & holds up 2 fingers.
*Sits in a booster seat at the table now-no more highchair unless we're out to eat where she needs to be strapped down!
*She has 2 of her 2-year-old molars in & the others are on their way! She's been chewing on her fingers a lot lately!
*She still sucks her thumb when she's tired & we were going to start weening her after her 2nd birthday, but we've honestly been instructed to just let her stop at her own will (unless of course she starts to have health problems from it) but for now she's just fine because she's doing it only when she needs something from it (comfort, security, to go to sleep). The Dr's say to leave it be right now.
*She's a Mommy's girl right now! She wants Mommy to hold her a lot lately. She even cries & fights Daddy at night when it's time for him to take her to bed. =( Poor David!
*Her favorite thing to do still is climb up in Mommy & Daddy's bed & tuck herself in & just chill! She's always saying "Momma! Bed! Night night!" lol
*She was starting to try to climb out of her old crib & was pretty close at succeeding, but since we've gotten her new crib she cant anymore. It's lower & much harder for her to get out of, so we're keeping it in the crib form until she can climb out by herself. Dr recommends until age 3 she stay in there & we're perfectly fine with that!
*Still learning about going potty on the big-girl potty. We had no plans on "rushing" her when we bought it awhile back, just wanted to introduce it. We have plans to start on it a lot more after the holiday craziness is over in January. Although it really is up to her when she decides she's ready (as long as it's before age 3! haha) We dont want to push it because she'll only fight it & in the end it'll just take her longer to get it.

Anyways, I think that's about it! I'll have height/weight info on Monday after her Dr appt & flu shots! She still is starting school part-time (Tue & Thur) next Tue, Oct 27!! Wish us luck on that! (Well, Mommy probably needs it more than Rylie lol)

This Week's Catch-Up

I'm finally feeling so much better, so I figured I'd catch yall up on our lives this week after Rylie's birthday.

On Tuesday, I was feeling so crummy so I opened all of Rylie's new birthday toys from their packages & she was very entertained by them all morning!

She also wore her new shirt Kendall gave her that her mommy Becca made!

Rylie got a new pink shake-n-go car & she loves it!

She also pushed around her new baby doll in the stroller that came with it! Such a cute little Mommy!

Her new Elmo she bought herself on her birthday. It's the regular "tickle me Elmo" & she thinks every Elmo talks when you put its hand on its mouth the way her first Elmo (hugs & kisses Elmo) does!

Loving on her new Daisy Chef doll!

Oh gosh these little building blocks kept her busy for an hour! Notice she's wearing her new brown boots Mommy & Daddy got her? She loves putting shoes on!

And of course some of her new heels in the set we got her as well! Now hopefully she'll leave Mommy's shoes alone! lol

On Wednesday, we stayed home from Kindermusik & Rylie's friend Kate dropped by to give Rylie her birthday present. She was sick on Saturday so she couldn't attend Rylie's party. I kept away & took pictures of them together.

Rylie giving Kate her favor bag

Rylie opening her present-it was a cute little bathtime doll!
Thanks for stopping by Kate!

And Thursday we just stayed home & did nothing but play with more toys! That's about the jist of it. We're so glad Mommy's feeling better & we're able to go out again!