Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Postponing School

I called Rylie's school today & told them we're pushing back her start date. She was supposed to start next Tuesday, but there's just way too much Flu/H1N1 going around right now & I dont want her getting sick right before her birthday.

Her pediatrician's office barely got the flu shot in last week & they're already booked through October on giving shots, including nurse visits & on weekends. And I've already asked around & since Rylie's only 2 years old, she needs to get her shot at a pediatrician's office because it's a special kind of flu shot. So Rylie wont be starting at her school until the end of October after she has her flu shot & her birthday is over!
Mommy's ok with that because I'm still having a hard time with the fact that she's getting so big so fast & already starting this school! haha
Hope everybody stays well this season & avoids these too awful sicknesses!


~Shelly~ said...

thats probably a good idea. i still wish i could stay home with kinley to keep her from getting sick. its a good thing to help their immune system..but this swine stuff is too serious to mess around with. shes already had it but it still just breaks my heart! im just praying she stays well for her bday party.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw I am sorry to hear that but good for you for keeping her healthy and safe!