Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Have You Noticed?

Do you sometimes keep checking back on my blog several times throughout the day to see if I've posted anything new? Well, I know some of yall do because I have a site tracker! lol But here's something I've done you for all! If you scroll down a little & look to the right, you'll see our Twitter updates. So if you dont see a new post when you check back, scroll down & see what I've "tweeted" about recently! I've been keeping up with it throughout the day pretty much on what's going on with us, so you'll be in the know of something before I get a chance to blog about it! And at least it'll be something new to look at when you keep checking back, which we love that you all do by the way! ;-) Unless of course you're checking back every 2 minutes! haha

1 comment:

The Gardella's said...

Hey girl how do you add a site tracker to your blog?