Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I know this is a week late, but like I said before it's been crazy here & I'm just getting caught up on this blog!

So last weekend we had plans to spend a day in Galveston & take Rylie to the beach & do some "touristy" things. Then we decided we'd had enough "all day trips" to places lately & would rather just stay home & relax, so that's just what we did! We got caught up on stuff around the house & enjoyed having David home an extra day!

On Monday, we took Rylie to Babies R Us to get a new carseat. The one we got her a year ago has been making her very uncomfortable lately. She basically fussed the entire drives up to Waco & back last month. So we decided to go ahead & spend the money on a much nicer, most comfortable carseat for her. It was a very smart investment!

Rylie being a helper at the store & pushing the shopping basket around.

Some videos...

Happy girl lovin her new carseat!

"Alright, I'm ready! Let's go!"

And on the way home!
She's so comfortable in this seat that almost every time we stop somewhere & I unbuckle her, she doesnt want to get out! She just snuggles up to the side of her seat! I cant wait to see how she does on our next Waco trip now!