Monday, September 21, 2009

First Haircut!

Sunday we took Rylie to a special childrens hair salon in The Woodlands for her very first haircut! We made a big deal out of it & had a whole family day of fun too!
(Warning-there's a lot of pictures!)

Rylie at the salon waiting her turn....

Playing with a new toy they sell in the salon....see her messy hair before...

And the look we immediately got when she sat in the salon chair!
Poor Rylie! We tried giving her a lollipop-she didnt want it. We tried blowing bubbles-she didnt care. We turned on the kiddie tv next to her-she ignored it. I handed her Mr Kitty-she threw him on the floor...
So finally the stylist got out a kitty wind up toy that does flips.....

And she was mesmerized by it!
(See we had to give her a 2nd lollipop just to hold too)

First cut is done!

Still unsure about this....

Checking out her new 'do in the mirror
She'd finally calmed down now! And still clinging to those lollipops!

"This is a piece of cake!"

"Oh boy!"
Seeing her finished 'do!

Checking herself out!
Yes, Daddy videotaped the whole thing too!

Tada! All done!
The stylist put some "princess" jewels & glitter in her hair too.
It's still kinda messy looking because Rylie's afraid of the hair dryer, so we left it wet.

She got a prize at the end-a sticker for her hand!

Her 1st haircut certificate!

After that, Daddy took her on the carousel which is right outside the hair salon at the mall.
She actually rode on the horse today!

And then we took her to get a cookie!
She picked out the pink sprinkles one!

And then we took her to Claires & bought her a few pieces of her own "jewelry" so she'll leave Mommy's alone! hehe
Putting on her new bracelet!

Overall we had a great family day today & her haircut went better than I'd imagined! I really did have nightmares for days before this where everything would go wrong! haha

Here's a few more pictures I took after her bath where I tried to style it a little. She wouldnt be still at all so these are the best I got!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

How special;) What a fun place to take her. I hope I can find one like that. Savi has a ton of hair. Won't be long before we will have to do that. And I have a feeling our experience may be very similiar to yours. Savi isn't to keen on other people touching her. We will see! Glad it went well and Rylie looks cute!

grandma said...

every time i see pictures of Rylie see gets more "grown-up". can't wait to see her in 3+ weeks. Haircut looks good miss Rylieroo!