Sunday, September 27, 2009

Feeling Like Fall

Rylie & I were lazy this morning & slept in a little bit. David had to work at his church downtown this morning until noon so we hung out until he got home. He surprised me by bringing home this beautiful Fall-colored bouquet of flowers! How sweet is he?! Then he took us to lunch at La Madaleine-yum! We love that place & hadnt been there in awhile.
Then we picked up a few things & came home to put Rylie down for her nap. David & I cleaned the house some more now that all the garage sale stuff is over with. We're also finally in "Autumn mode" at our house now! I'd been waiting to get the garage sale over to get out our decorations! I had been lighting all our Autumn-scented candles this past week though!

I'm determined to use them all up by Thanksgiving so that I dont have to pack any up & can buy all new ones next year! haha

So here's some more of our new "Fall look" in our house right now! I'm loving this cozy feeling these Autumn decorations give out & make me feel like it's cold outside.....ugh until I step out & it's high 80's again! Cold weather please hurry up & arrive!!

This is our living room-we've made a few changes since I've last posted pictures on here.

Mostly the red curtains are new & yet have made such a drastic change! I dont have as many decorations out this year as I did last, but I'm still searching for a few more pieces!

And a closeup of the mantle

And of course yummy candy! These are Hershey Kisses in "Candy Corn" & "Pumpkin Spice" flavors-so good! The packages also have recipes for making cookies with these!

And here's our front door that welcomes you upon arrival!

I just bought the mums & orange pumpkin on the left today. I know it kinda looks silly with the bright orange real pumpkin there with our ceramic jack-o-lanterns but I really love them both & couldn't decide which to put elsewhere, so it's all staying put!

Closeup of the sign on the front door

And just to tease you all....looky what David made us for dinner tonight!

Yum! Steak & baked potatoes!
David always teases me for taking pictures of my food plate sometimes. (Seriously I've taken way more pictures than I've even posted on here! lol) I dont know why I do it. I just sometimes like to take a picture of food that we've made when it looks soooo yummy & I arrange it pretty on the plate! See what David's plate looks like......

Haha! Not as pretty as mine! lol And veggies. Tsk! Tsk!

Anyways, hope everybody had a great weekend & your Fall is getting off to a great start!


The Pifer's said...

First I am totally jealous at how big your living room is!! :)

LOVE your decor!!!! And I love your outside pumpkins (all of it) so I don't think you should change a bit!

I am enjoying my pumpkin spice frap trying to imagining if thats what those little hersey kisses tastes like...haha!

Supper looks scrumpcious too (don't know if thats a real word, and have no clue how to spell it so that will have to do--haha!)

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

The fall decor looks great. I put mine up last week. I need to take pics:)

~Shelly~ said...

candy corn kisses!!??! HAVE to get those!
love the decor!