Monday, September 14, 2009

Date & Home Improvements Weekend

After all the birthday parties on Saturday, Rylie went to stay the night at Mimi's house so David & I could have a date! We wanted to go see a movie, but the showtimes didnt coincide with dinner plans also. So we opted to eat at a local Italian place & grab some movies from the rental store. We watched "Changeling" & "I Love You, Man."

We thought "I Love You, Man" wasnt as funny as the previews showed it to be. All the good stuff were already in the previews, so wasnt much else to it. And "Changeling" was really different than we expected. Sad, but very good movie!

On Sunday morning David & I then painted Rylie's bedroom! Her new furniture is being delivered this Wednesday too! It's looking really good right now! I'll post pictures when it's all done of course. Rylie was happy with how it looked when she got home Sunday evening. Then we took her Mimi & Poppy Craig out to dinner to say thanks for keeping her overnight & Rylie was such a good girl!

I dont think I had a change to mention it, but this previous week was a complete turnaround for Rylie. She's been more loving & giving hugs & sugars to people a lot more. She hasnt been fussy or whiney & very well-behaved. We hope it continues like this! It sure helped us have a very productive week & weekend! Hope everyone has a good week ahead!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love dates and can't wait to see Rylie's room!

~Shelly~ said...

man- tell rylie to mail kinley some of that sweetness! my god kinley has been mean mean.