Sunday, September 20, 2009

23 Months

Yesterday Rylie turned 23 months old! And this was the best picture I could get of her! lol She doesnt like to be still at all! And I tried so hard to post all this yesterday, but my computer was being a huge pain & well it's going to the computer dr this week for sure!

Anyways, here's a few new things Rylie's been up to this past month since I last posted updates on her. I cant believe she's in her last month as a 1 year old! Oh my goodness my girl's gettin so big & I'm not liking how fast this is going at all!

*She's started two-word sentences like "Thank you", "good girl", "All right!", & a few others...
*She says "Please" & "Thank you" now (not because my daughter didnt have manners previously, but because she's still just barely becoming vocal & learning to say these words)
*Her new favorite word is "light" & she feels she needs to point out every....single....light. lol I mean it when I say every single one.
*She starts school in 2 weeks.
*She climbs in & out of her carseat on her own. We just buckle & unbuckle her.
*She loves to climb up in Mommy & Daddy's bed, lay on Daddy's side (her favorite), pull the covers up on her & just chill! Sometimes when I walk in & catch her, she pats the bed next to her for me to sit down. So I do & then she pushes me back to lay on the pillow & then covers me up too! lol It's the cutest thing!
*She loves to hold hands now when walking places. If Rylie & I are walking somewhere with someone else, she insists on holding both our hands now. It's very strange because when she first started walking, she hated having her hands touched & wouldnt hold anybody's hands!
*She's climbed out of her pack 'n play once, so were thinking a toddler bed is in the near future. She just got new bedroom furniture, which included a new crib that converts to a toddler bed. So it'll probably be soon that we'll be converting it.
*She's started to wear more accessories like Mommy's bracelets & she likes necklaces. She still loves to wear hats, her shoes, & sunglasses too!
*She has 1 of her 2 yr molars in & the others are on their way! She's been chewing on her fingers more than usual & occassionally hasnt been wanting her dinner, except for crackers. We'll sure be glad when all her teething is over!
*She's ready for her 2nd birthday party! lol

I know I'm forgetting other things because I always do, but this is the jist of it all!
Also she got her first haircut today so be sure to check back for pictures! =)

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aww I love all those things! I love to see what is in store for Savi:) She is to cute and I hope the next month doesn't go by to fast for you:)