Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kindermusik + Productive Day

Rylie & I went walking again with a neighbor this morning to start off our day! It's been so humid lately though! We really cant wait for nice, cool Autumn air! Then it was time for Rylie's Kindermusik class!

After hoola hooping around in class, we joined some friends for lunch. Then we came home & thankfully Rylie napped so Mommy was able to get sooo much stuff done!
I love days like this with my little princess!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Postponing School

I called Rylie's school today & told them we're pushing back her start date. She was supposed to start next Tuesday, but there's just way too much Flu/H1N1 going around right now & I dont want her getting sick right before her birthday.

Her pediatrician's office barely got the flu shot in last week & they're already booked through October on giving shots, including nurse visits & on weekends. And I've already asked around & since Rylie's only 2 years old, she needs to get her shot at a pediatrician's office because it's a special kind of flu shot. So Rylie wont be starting at her school until the end of October after she has her flu shot & her birthday is over!
Mommy's ok with that because I'm still having a hard time with the fact that she's getting so big so fast & already starting this school! haha
Hope everybody stays well this season & avoids these too awful sicknesses!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Brownies With Rylie

Welcome to my show! Today we're making Ghirardelli Brownies with Walnuts!
Like my pretty apron? My Mimi got it for me for Christmas!
Let's get started!

First we pour the water in the bowl

Then we add the egg. My Mommy put this in for me since eggs are very fragile!

Next we poured in the vegetable oil

And gave it a good stir!

The best part is adding the baking mix! It's my favorite-chocolate!

And stir'd that up really well!

Then we added it to the baking dish. I thought it was funny the noise it made when I smacked the spoon on the mix! hehe

And then we wait while it bakes...

And voila! Yummy brownies!!

Waiting for them to cool was the hardest part!
When I finally got my piece, I gobbled it up so fast, I was asking my Mommy for "More please!" right away!

I sure love brownies!!
Thanks for joining us today!

And looky what Mommy did with her brownie piece!

A mini sundae with chocolate ice cream & syrup! YUM! =)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Feeling Like Fall

Rylie & I were lazy this morning & slept in a little bit. David had to work at his church downtown this morning until noon so we hung out until he got home. He surprised me by bringing home this beautiful Fall-colored bouquet of flowers! How sweet is he?! Then he took us to lunch at La Madaleine-yum! We love that place & hadnt been there in awhile.
Then we picked up a few things & came home to put Rylie down for her nap. David & I cleaned the house some more now that all the garage sale stuff is over with. We're also finally in "Autumn mode" at our house now! I'd been waiting to get the garage sale over to get out our decorations! I had been lighting all our Autumn-scented candles this past week though!

I'm determined to use them all up by Thanksgiving so that I dont have to pack any up & can buy all new ones next year! haha

So here's some more of our new "Fall look" in our house right now! I'm loving this cozy feeling these Autumn decorations give out & make me feel like it's cold outside.....ugh until I step out & it's high 80's again! Cold weather please hurry up & arrive!!

This is our living room-we've made a few changes since I've last posted pictures on here.

Mostly the red curtains are new & yet have made such a drastic change! I dont have as many decorations out this year as I did last, but I'm still searching for a few more pieces!

And a closeup of the mantle

And of course yummy candy! These are Hershey Kisses in "Candy Corn" & "Pumpkin Spice" flavors-so good! The packages also have recipes for making cookies with these!

And here's our front door that welcomes you upon arrival!

I just bought the mums & orange pumpkin on the left today. I know it kinda looks silly with the bright orange real pumpkin there with our ceramic jack-o-lanterns but I really love them both & couldn't decide which to put elsewhere, so it's all staying put!

Closeup of the sign on the front door

And just to tease you all....looky what David made us for dinner tonight!

Yum! Steak & baked potatoes!
David always teases me for taking pictures of my food plate sometimes. (Seriously I've taken way more pictures than I've even posted on here! lol) I dont know why I do it. I just sometimes like to take a picture of food that we've made when it looks soooo yummy & I arrange it pretty on the plate! See what David's plate looks like......

Haha! Not as pretty as mine! lol And veggies. Tsk! Tsk!

Anyways, hope everybody had a great weekend & your Fall is getting off to a great start!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Garage Sale & New Fall Shows

David & I woke up early this morning for our community garage sale. It was supposed to be 2 weeks ago & I spent an entire week cleaning out every single drawer, closet, cabinet, nook & cranny in our house to gather things for it.....and then it rained! So we finally got rid of all my hard-work-gathered items collecting in our house this morning! We did a pretty good job, but man it got annoying when people kept asking "how much do you want for this?" while pointing to the sticker that said $2. We did sell Rylie's old nursery furniture today =( It was hard for me to watch them drive off with it all in the back of their truck. But overall, successful morning!
After we packed it up, we came inside & ate a small lunch. Then we cleaned up the house & Rylie & I ran a lot of errands! We've got a lot going on this week, including a baby shower on Friday so we had to get a lot of things! We ended it with grocery shopping. The best part about these errands is I finally got my cupcake caddy I've been wanting! It's by Wilton & holds 36 cupcakes for transporting! This isnt my picture, but mine looks just like this! I finally found it at TJ Maxx!

After errands I finally got to relax with my family & watch 2 shows I DVR'd that premiered this week-ABC's "Cougar Town" with Courtney Cox Arquette & CBS' "The Good Wife" with Julienne Marguiles.

These are both very good shows & I cant wait to see what the season brings! I'm so excited for new shows to watch this Fall! The most exciting premiere is tomorrow night though-ABC's "Desperate Housewives!"

Always guaranteed to provide humor! We love it! Sunday nights are "David & Ashlee in front of the TV night" after Rylie goes to bed & we watch this on the DVR! I'm so excited for new seasons/shows this Fall! Another great thing I love about this time of year!
Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pumpkin Basket

When I got out our Fall decorations the other day, Rylie immediately grabbed her pumpkin 'trick or treat' basket from last year! She's been carrying it around the house ever since! She even puts her Kitty in there & carries him in it! I think she's ready for Halloween, what do you think?

"Lets go, Kitty!"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All About Kindermusik

I've realized I've been blogging weekly about Rylie's Kindermusik classes & thought I might go into a little detail today on what Kindermusik is for any new readers. Feel free to skip all this reading & just look at the cute pictures! =)

 Basically Kindermusik is a 45 minute, once-a-week "Mommy & Me" type class parents (or grandparents) can bring their child to. There are several different types of these classes-some include sign language. You can find a location near you at

All of these classes though educate children through songs & movements. Each enrolled child is given their own CD copy of the songs involved in that particular class. We always play Rylie's Kindermusik CD's in the car everywhere we go so were better familiarized with them to sing along in class! Rylie loves them & is starting to sing along to her favorites!

Some things Rylie has learned with the help from Kindermusik is that there's a time & place for everything. We do little activities in these classes for a short period of time & then it's time to clean up & move on to the next. Rylie has gotten very good about helping cleanup when she hears the cleanup song!

Additionally, Rylie has learned socialization skills. Being that she stays home with Mommy during the day & does not attend daycare (altho she starts school in 2 weeks), Rylie has learned to interact with other children her age. She is not as shy as she used to be & I really do think that's in part from Kindermusik! There's no way I could teach her how to act with other kids being at home with just me all day, every day!

Kindermusik has also given Rylie the chance to express her creativity. Sometimes we do the same activities in Kindermusik. Sometimes we do different activities using the same props/toys. I just love to see what Rylie comes up with & seeing the world through her eyes in Kindermusik!

Rylie also learns a big deal about rhythm through Kindermusik! They are always doing movements to songs on a beat & Rylie has started doing this at home too! It's not just ringing those bells or waving the scarves without any reason. It's keeping a beat with them. Rylie learns to move to a beat by running fast during a quick song, & then slowly walking to a slow song. Those are just some examples, but rhythm is definitely a big part of Kindermusik!


Honestly, another way Kindermusik has shown to be successful with Rylie is by group involvement. Like if I try to show Rylie how to do something at home, she may not always listen to me & run off to play with something else. But at Kindermusik, she sees the whole class participating in something, so she's more keen to follow along too! Today they read a story about 10 fish & Rylie listened really good & even did the "fish hands" like her teacher was doing!

Overall, we love Kindermusik! It's been an awesome thing in our household & even better, we love Rylie's Kindermusik teacher! I hope everyone is lucky enough to have a "Miss Sandy" where yall live to teach these classes! So if you're a parent with a young one looking for an extra something to take your child to, I highly recommend Kindermusik! They start at 6 mos old & some classes are weeknights/weekends depending on where you live! It's not just for stay-at-home or work-from-home parents (or grandparents).

Miss Rylie putting her shoes on (the wrong feet) after class ended today!
She's such a "I do it myself" kid right now!


Yesterday Rylie got to wear her new raincoat for the 1st time. Well, it's not like a real raincoat, but it's the one David picked out for her to wear this year. I think he did a great job!

She was taking her birthday party invitations to her neighbors!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Have You Noticed?

Do you sometimes keep checking back on my blog several times throughout the day to see if I've posted anything new? Well, I know some of yall do because I have a site tracker! lol But here's something I've done you for all! If you scroll down a little & look to the right, you'll see our Twitter updates. So if you dont see a new post when you check back, scroll down & see what I've "tweeted" about recently! I've been keeping up with it throughout the day pretty much on what's going on with us, so you'll be in the know of something before I get a chance to blog about it! And at least it'll be something new to look at when you keep checking back, which we love that you all do by the way! ;-) Unless of course you're checking back every 2 minutes! haha

Monday, September 21, 2009

First Haircut!

Sunday we took Rylie to a special childrens hair salon in The Woodlands for her very first haircut! We made a big deal out of it & had a whole family day of fun too!
(Warning-there's a lot of pictures!)

Rylie at the salon waiting her turn....

Playing with a new toy they sell in the salon....see her messy hair before...

And the look we immediately got when she sat in the salon chair!
Poor Rylie! We tried giving her a lollipop-she didnt want it. We tried blowing bubbles-she didnt care. We turned on the kiddie tv next to her-she ignored it. I handed her Mr Kitty-she threw him on the floor...
So finally the stylist got out a kitty wind up toy that does flips.....

And she was mesmerized by it!
(See we had to give her a 2nd lollipop just to hold too)

First cut is done!

Still unsure about this....

Checking out her new 'do in the mirror
She'd finally calmed down now! And still clinging to those lollipops!

"This is a piece of cake!"

"Oh boy!"
Seeing her finished 'do!

Checking herself out!
Yes, Daddy videotaped the whole thing too!

Tada! All done!
The stylist put some "princess" jewels & glitter in her hair too.
It's still kinda messy looking because Rylie's afraid of the hair dryer, so we left it wet.

She got a prize at the end-a sticker for her hand!

Her 1st haircut certificate!

After that, Daddy took her on the carousel which is right outside the hair salon at the mall.
She actually rode on the horse today!

And then we took her to get a cookie!
She picked out the pink sprinkles one!

And then we took her to Claires & bought her a few pieces of her own "jewelry" so she'll leave Mommy's alone! hehe
Putting on her new bracelet!

Overall we had a great family day today & her haircut went better than I'd imagined! I really did have nightmares for days before this where everything would go wrong! haha

Here's a few more pictures I took after her bath where I tried to style it a little. She wouldnt be still at all so these are the best I got!