Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend Visit To Ft Worth

After the reunion was over, we drove further north to the Ft Worth area to visit Rylie's godmother, Erin. Her husband was out of town, so we missed seeing him. We unloaded our car at her house & then she took us to an awesome town square with shopping & restaurants. We walked around a bit, grabbed dinner & then headed back to her house where we stayed the night. Rylie & David crashed early while Erin & I stayed up to "scrapbook talk". lol Ya know, important stuff! lol

On Sunday we went to breakfast at IHOP. Rylie was not happy about being there for some reason....until they brought out her bananas! lol

Then we headed back to Erin's house to pack up & head out.

The girls!

Erin & Rylie playing before we left.

It was soo good to visit with Erin again. Thanks so much for having us!

After we left Erin's house we headed over to visit a girlfriend of mine from pageant days, Brianna! We met 6 years ago at a pageant (which she's so awesome she went on to win at nationals, btw!) and thank goodness for Myspace & Facebook we've kept in touch all this time!

We hadnt seen each other in person since that pageant! Total blast from the past!

After visiting for a little bit, we headed on back home to Houston! It wasnt that bad of a drive really. We stopped once to eat for an hour & then we were almost home & Rylie got fussy so we stopped again for an hour & let her walk around a store. We still made it home before dark! I'm definitely not worried about making this trip now after having an easy ride this time, so hopefully more Ft Worth visits are in the near future!
And that was our crazy, fun, exciting, busy, yummy, awesome weekend!

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