Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update on Brianna's Dad

There's not good news on today's post about my friend Brianna's's some basic info from his CaringBridge site posted 30 minutes ago:

"...The weather is dreary in Dallas today & unfortunately, the news kind of follows suit. Mike is coming out of surgery as we speak. The Doctor said that it was a very tough surgery today. The family didn’t realize that the lung was infected, which made today’s surgery even more imperative. The infection is a totally separate issue from the on-going bout of pneumonia. The doctors sucked the infection out of the lung, removed the blood from under the lung to make room for the lung to be able to expand to take in breath, & removed the rib which had penetrated through his diaphragm & was piercing his liver. I believe the Doctors used the terminology “Flail Chest."
As you may know from earlier letters, Mike has 8 broken ribs on his right side. All the medical professionals have said that 8 broken ribs is a tremendous amount of trauma. Mike’s current condition is very delicate. The next 24 hours are really going to be crucial. Today may be one of those days you might want to pull out one of your “extra special” prayers for Mike & the family. If things go well, it will take about 3 weeks for the lungs to heal.
Mike will have two more relatively simple procedures within the next day or two. He needs to have a tracheotomy put in......and a PEG (more of a long term type feeding tube) put into his stomach thru his abdominal wall. Both of these procedures will aid him in life support, we just don’t know for how long. Once again, we will be back to “the waiting game” to see how Mike progresses...."

To view the whole story on Brianna's stepdad's accident, view his CaringBridge site
And please keep this family in your thoughts & prayers!

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Sarah said...

Praying for Mike and his family.