Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thursday Swim, Ducks, & Errands

On Thursday I took Rylie to our neighborhood pool again since it's the last week the pool will be open during the week (our schools here go back this Monday). While I was getting myself ready, Rylie went in my closet & got some of my bracelets off my vanity in there. She's just barely started showing interest in bracelets this past week or so, as before she'd take them off immediately when I tried putting her own on her. Funny enough though, the bracelets she picked out this day matched her swimsuit, so I let her keep them on!

"I'm ready to go now!"

Rylie was lucky enough to have the entire pool to herself! I took her to a different neighborhood pool than I did on Monday, just for a change of scenery.

Splish, splash!

I dont think she's ever really looked at the water turtle here before!

Soaking up some sun! (Dont worry, Mommy put loads of sunscreen on her!)

"Hold onto your hats, I'm coming in!"

She'd be a good pool cleaner! Every leaf she saw floating, she had to hand to me to take out!

Haha I love this face! She was blowing bubbles & got some water in her mouth & didnt like the taste of it!

Then after she swam for almost an hour, we decided to feed the ducks some leftover bread we had. The ducks & pond are right next to this pool.
The ducks must've just eaten though, because they didnt seem interested in our bread!

So we went home, got cleaned up & headed out for errands!

Doesnt she look so excited?! We just ran through the carwash & grabbed a Sonic drink on our way home! A diet, low cal cherry limeade sounded so good after a hot swim!


Becca - said...

Cute pool pics!!
We plan to keep going to the pool......just gotta sneak in the club doors! He He! Hope ya'll can join us too!!

Brittany and Charlie said...

I love all her outfits and bows! I recognize the gymboree swimsuite/hat. I have the butterfly version:) She is to cute!