Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tax-Free Outlet Shopping

Yesterday Rylie & I ventured out to the nearest outlet mall (about 45 minutes away) since tax-free shopping started in Texas.
(I know some readers are in other states & dont have this, so I'll explain-Texas started doing a tax-free shopping weekend a few years back to give families a little break on back-to-school clothes. It's only for clothes, shoes, & some accessories under $100. I dont know what other states do this, except for Tennessee because a few weeks ago I was given TN's dates & almost headed out before I was told it wasnt TX weekend yet! haha)

Anyways, miss priss had her purse & was ready to go!

We stopped at Good Company BBQ for lunch before getting to the outlet mall to surprise Rylie with a visit from....

...her Daddy! She was so excited! I didnt tell her he was coming! He works kinda close to this restaurant on the way to the outlet mall so he could get away & have an early lunch with us!

Rylie & Mommy at lunch! She was cheesin so big her eyes are closed! lol

We didnt end up finding too much at the outlet mall this trip. Carters had a great sale going though! We got a few things there, as well as Gymboree Outlet, and we did find Rylie these cute navy shoes at Baby Gap Outlet! I've been looking for navy shoes for a long time!

She loved trying them on & didnt want to take them off. The sales lady had to scan them while she was wearing them in order for us to leave! lol Rylie loves shoes!
Overall, we had ourselves a pretty good time! Miss priss napped the entire drive home!


Rachel said...

She looks so cute and happy with her daddy here :)

Virginia had ours a few weeks ago. They also include school supplies in the tax free stuff. I love it!

Becca - said...

Cute shoes. I saw those when I was there a few weeks ago. Just holding out for some polka dot canvas ones!!

Brittany and Charlie said...

I just enjoyed some tax free clothes for Savi this weekend. Glad you got to enjoy it also:)Love the coach wristlet on Rylie:)

Sarah said...

Love Rylie with her Coach wristlet! Adorable!