Monday, August 24, 2009

Tax-Free Gymboree & Rainforest Cafe!

Saturday afternoon, we took Rylie to Katy to go to the regular Gymboree (as in not an outlet one like we visited on Friday). They had coupons over the weekend, plus tax-free & David had seen a dress he'd been very eager to get for her to wear this Fall/Winter.

Rylie had fun in the kids area while Daddy was paying. True Daddy's girl!
We also got some great deals! I heard the sales lady say they had so much inventory in the back from really old lines. I asked if I could see what they had in 2T for Rylie to wear this Fall/Winter/Spring. So she pulled some stuff out & I ended up getting Rylie a red, reversible hearts hoodie for $2!!! PLUS I had my coupon of 30% off of that! And we got her 2 more tshirts for $4 each! Awesome! The sales lady said they sold some jeans from a really old line earlier that day for get this 90 CENTS!! I'm so glad I asked to see what they had & will have to start doing that more often!

After our Gymboree success, we took Rylie to the Rainforest Cafe finally for the 1st time! Its in the Katy Mills Mall, which is why we drove all the way out to this particular Gymboree too!

Trying on souvenir hats in the gift shop!

Saying hi to the fish on our way to our table

Rylie was excited to be there! She loved the place!


And I got 2 cute videos of Rylie at the Rainforest Cafe, but Blogger's being difficult again, so you'll have to click here to view them! Scroll down to see the second one!

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Becca - said...

Looks like fun!! We still haven't tried the RC yet. Maybe we'll have to make a girls trip to the outlet & lunch one day!!