Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Morning Chit-Chat

Rylie looooovvvves talking on the phone! Usually when we call someone though, she just says a few words & then takes off playing with something else. Saturday morning, however, she just talked & talk & talked to her Grandma for the longest time! I'm pretty sure she babbled on about anything & everything! And then she'd stop & laugh at what she just said & then keep on talking! So I got some pictures of her, mostly for you Grandma, so you can see what this cutie looked like on our end! (And yes she's still wearing pj's & has bed hair! hehe)

"Now you tell cousin Isaac I want him at my birthday party!"

"Hmm....I dont know about that, Grandma!"

"I cant buh-leeeve Mommy wont let me have cookies for breakfast!"

Who knows what Rylie was really babbling about, except Rylie! She sure did enjoy telling Grandma all about it though! And I tried to get video, but every time I started recording, she'd stop talking! lol Of course!


Brittany and Charlie said...

Those jammies are cute...where did you get then?

Ashlee McCrary said...

Thanks! They're from Carters-I bought them at Babies R Us tho. They're actually a one-piece outfit to wear during the day but I needed a one-piece set like that for her to sleep in so she'll leave her diaper on lol so she sleeps in them!

grandma said...

I really wish I knew what she was saying on the phone! Whatever it was,it was very important to Rylie that she tell me. I really enjoyed out little chat Rylie!