Thursday, August 20, 2009

The rest of our crazy Wednesday!

So after the princess playdate & lunch Wednesday, Rylie & I came home so she could nap. While she napped I did a lot of work in our backyard, power washed our back patio, baked 2 cakes, made our neighbors dinner, did 2 loads of laundry, & cleaned the entire house! Busy, tiring day! But at least it makes for more blogging! hehe
When Rylie woke up from her nap, our neighbor's dinner was still in the oven. Rylie made sure it was baking correctly!
Chicken Pot Pie! Yum!

Then Rylie helped me carry the dinner & gift to our neighbors who just had this sweet little baby!

Meet Carter!

And this is Carter's sweet little family!
Congratulations guys, she's so beautiful! Glad to have another girlfriend for Rylie to grow up with!
(And if you readers think this is the end of the baby madness going on, we've got another wave coming in a few months! hehe)

After we came home & ate dinner, Rylie's Mimi came by for a visit!

Rylie was happy to see Mimi!
And they got some time together since Mimi's about to go out of town for a few weeks & wont see Rylie for quite awhile.

And while she was here, we tasted another "birthday cake practice cake"
This time I tried a new cake recipe & fondant for the 1st time!

The cake is DELICIOUS! The fondant wasnt too hard to deal with. I meant to dye it pink & grabbed the wrong color so it's purple.

The only thing is fondant tastes awful! I'm pretty sure I made the cover too thick so next cake it'll be thinner & it was easy to eat around. I'd also put buttercream on the cake before the fondant on top so we ended up just eating the cake & icing off the fondant! lol Overall though I like this cake better & I do believe this is what I'll do for Rylie's 2nd birthday! If anybody has any tips on making fondant taste better though, I'm open to suggestions!


Brittany and Charlie said...

That turned out well. Good job!

Miranda said...

Ashlee~ Just FYI fondant will never taste good. I basically always tastes like old nasty gum. I have had them even from a professional at a bakery and they are never good and they all taste the same. I have been told "fondant is for the look of the cake and not really to eat, so eat around on the inside." Just a hint

Becca - said...

The cake looks great!! I hadn't heard you say how it turned out. So, I wasn't sure if you had time to make it. (I actually sent you a text earlier asking you how it went! I was making Jimmy's B-day cake!). I got some cute pics of Kendall looking in the oven too. It's fascinating, I guess! Ha- our girls are so much alike!

I'm glad to see that you still like your monogrammed hand towel I made it. Looks perfect there!!

BTW- I meant to tell you, Rylie's bow & shirt turned out great!! Very cute!

Miranda said...

The thickness of the fondant looks about right from the cakes that I have had. I think you did it but just another hint.. Ice the top of the cake with alot of icing too before you place the fondant over it.

Ashlee McCrary said...

Oh ok! Yeah it's got icing under the fondant-hard to see because it's white & not very thick. I'm gonna do really thick icing under the fondant for her bday so people wont have to taste the yucky fondant! lol Thanks for the info!