Monday, August 24, 2009

Paper Tiara

After Rylie's Princess Playdate last Wednesday, all the girls got little paper tiaras to take home. Rylie wore hers around the class for a little bit & then we headed out to lunch. I realized that evening though that Rylie left her tiara in the classroom. =( I knew she really loved that little paper tiara, so I emailed her teacher & sure enough she had Rylie's! She was in our neighborhood Saturday evening & was nice enough to drop it off for Rylie. It might've seemed like nothing important, but to Rylie it meant a lot! She wore this paper tiara most of the day Sunday!

"I'm so excited I got my tiara back!"

"Do you wanna wear my tiara?"

"Yay! I wanna go get groceries with you Mommy!"

"I wanna wear my tiara to the store!"

And she did! And you know what, she kept this thing on much longer than any of her bows!

Thank you so much Miss Sandy for bringing back her tiara!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

So stinkin cute!

Becca - said...

Awww. So, cute!! I think we left our tiara there too. he he. Kendall's been wearing one of her tiara's around the house all week too. I guess they are true princesses now!

Sandy said...

Oh My Goodness!!! Rylie is such a cute princess. This made my day. Thank you,
Sandy (Rylie's Kindermusik teacher)