Sunday, August 9, 2009

Old School

On Saturday afternoon, after Isaac's birthday party, we met up with my closest friends from high school! It was such a great "catch-up-get-together"! I cant believe this past May was 5 years from when we graduated! I'm really glad we've all stayed in touch over the years (thank goodness for Myspace & Facebook! haha)

(L-R: Me, Ryan (oh geez lol), Jonathan G., Meghan, Meredith.
Not picture from our group: Tony, Mark, Jonathan C.)

Ryan & I-we actually went to prom together!

And here's some blast from the past photos of our group in high school!

Ryan & I at prom (May 2004)
I'm really glad I made the decision to go with a good friend instead of a boyfriend to prom. I didnt want to look back years later at pictures of me with an ex & want to rip up my prom pictures. I knew I wouldnt marry anybody from high school! lol

Meredith, Me, Meghan, & Ryan on the Mississippi River bridge on our way to Florida for Senior Class Trip (March 2004)

Jonathan, Meghan, & I goofing off taking pictures during Yearbook class!

Jonathan & I after our high school graduation ='(

I gotta say our high school graduation was one of the hardest days for me. I loved high school! Even though it had some rough times, the good times more than made up for it! Our entire second semester of senior year I fought back tears! lol I dreaded the day I'd say goodbye to my friends & we'd go our separate ways. I'm so glad we've all stayed in touch though! Miss you guys & hope to see you again!

"Like none before....we're the class of 2004!"


Becca - said...

Wow!! You graduated in 2004?? I graduated in 1994!! Wow, I'm old! Ha!

Brittany and Charlie said...

Very cool that ya'll are still so close!

Heather said...

Youngin!!!! What a great time and so neat that y'all are still close! Love the pictures and I love seeing pics from back in the day, even though it wasn't that long ago!! :)