Sunday, August 2, 2009

Masen & Malek's 4th

On Friday evening Rylie attended our twin neighbors' birthday party at an inflatable/jumping place. She loved it there! They have a little toddler area with small inflatables & a slide so that was perfect for her since she was the youngest walking child there & had it to herself.

Going up the little toddler slide


Hopping around


She thought about going in this big inflatable, but then decided against it!

She did, however brave the big slide. It took her a long time to get up that ladder though & some kids were not kind about it (i.e. rudely shoving her aside & going up past her)

But she made it up! I didnt get an action shot of her going down tho =(
She tried going up the ladder again but the rude kids kept pushing her down so Mommy went up & got her (and told the kids they werent being nice since their parents werent saying anything)

Of course Rylie found the ball!
(And of course the bigger kids kept taking it away from her & poor Rylie followed them around holding her arms out wanting them to hand it back to her. Mommy took it back for her tho)

We found a plain bounce house that was empty so her & I bounced in there awhile!

She was having fun & then it was time to eat!

She's never liked pizza before but she actually ate almost a whole small slice tonight!

"Happy birthday to you...."
Masen on the left, Malek on the right

"This cupcake's good!"

Opening Rylie's presents.

Overall Rylie did have a great time! I just think she'll enjoy this place so much more when she's older & able to do it all on her own!

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Brittany and Charlie said...

Aw I am so glad mommy was there to defend and help her little one out! She is precious:)