Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kindermusik Princess Playdate

Yesterday Rylie went to a special Kindermusik class called "Princess Playdate!"
She of course was dressed for the occasion!

(And her Mommy made the bow, shirt, & tutu)

Of course Rylie & Kendall found each other right away as we entered the class!
I swear their Mommies didnt plan on their tutus to look alike! lol
And they were both mesmerized by the balloons in this pic!

Rylie's checking everything out. There were lots of cute Princess-y decorations all around & fancy bracelets on the floor for the girls to wear!

And the most exciting part about this class was that every one of Rylie's girlfriends were there too!

Rylie & Savannah

Rylie listening to the Princess story

Then all the princesses got magic wands to dance around with!

Rylie & Kendall checking out each other's wands

Rylie & Cady twirling-so cute!

Rylie & Raegan

Then the part in the princess story said the princesses had to clean the "castle"

Rylie & Charlotte cleaning

"I see you!"
(Hmm wonder if I could teach Rylie to clean at home? hehe)

Rylie & Kate
(Kate was so sweet & giving Rylie a bracelet to wear!)

Rylie & Reese

Then the princesses got in their "carriages" & went on a parade!

Probably the only pictures ever of Rylie & Kendall smiling at the same time!
Ahh I'm in love with my daughter's smile!

Then Rylie wanted to run circles around Mommy

Pretty toes. She likes to walk on her tippy-toes alot!

And at the end of the class Rylie got a balloon!

And here's our group of 12 princesses from the playdate & Miss Sandy!
Thanks for this fun class & so glad to see all our friends there!

Click here to see her Smilebox slideshow her teacher made for her!
And click here to see the Smilebox from the whole class!


grandma said...

Rylie looks just like a "little princess". cute outfit mom!

Brittany and Charlie said...

Love all those sweet tutu's! I can't wait till Savi can do ballet in one:)

Becca - said...

Adorable!! All of the pics of Rylie are precious!!