Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hooray for Kindermusik

Tuesday was such a fun Kindermusik class! They did so many cute things & of course this day of all days was the day I rushed out of the house only grabbing my camera & not the camera case as well that held backup batteries. And you guessed it, my camera died. I did get these 2 cute photos before it did though!

Rylie giving Kendall a toy

Showing everyone her belly button again!
Thankfully Becca took these 2 cute photos of Rylie at the end of class as well! Thank you!

Rylie & her "polar bear arms." This class was about polar bears & penguins!
The kids "splashed" in "water puddles" (hoola hoops) & Rylie was so cute doing her "jumping!"
And after the "polar bear arms" part was over, Rylie did not want to give up those socks! lol

"Is class really over already........?"

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